Muscle Testing – Why it Works Day 4

Dr Winner explains the what and why of muscle testing. Muscle testing shows us what your
body is doing in real and present time. If your system is strong and in balance all the muscles
will indicate that. They will all be strong. If one or many of them are weak, we now know there
is something that is not giving your body all the support it can be giving you. In other words your
body is not at a state of full capacity or in a dis-eased state. Not it’s ideal function.
Through muscle testing we can now determine the problem, diagnostics. Then use that information
to correct the dysfunction, treatment.
When you are first introduced to this system, it almost seems to good or to simplistic to be true.
If it is new to you, that is probably true. But like anything, the proof is in the results. Dr,. Winner
expects results each visit and so should you.

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