Day 3

Dr Winner explains Kinesiology and how he brought Chiropractic, Acupressure, Muscle Strengthening and Muscle Testing, Emotional Release, Energic Release and more into aligning your body. Taking
you to the core and cause of your dis-ease. As he uses these processes, your body in it’s wisdom
wants to heal itself and that is what happens.
He specifically explains Acupressure and how Meridians flow through your body and release and open increased flow of energy called ‘Chi’. These Meridians are related to organ systems. Like the gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, heart and so forth. Every 24 hours this flow of Chi makes a complete cycle through your body and begins the cycle again.
Then through Muscle Testing he can follow that flow or lack of, to determine the next blocked point and open that one up. Then on to the next Meridian and so on and so on.
After each visit he is now allowing your body realign to this new increased flow of energy. That
is the healing process. Each visit removes the last layer. Then on to the next layer.

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