Frozen Shoulder North GA .
I had a frozen shoulder and neck pain that wouldn’t go away and it was getting worse.. I tried other doctors, including an orthopedic surgeon and they couldn’t give me any answers. I couldn’t get my arm around behind me to put on my bra strap or scratch my back. Then I was getting to the point it was affecting my job. I had to do something different.
I knew something about Kinesiology and was interested in another approach. So I called Dr. Winner. He explained that my body was a self healer, which means it can and will heal itself if given the right support. He talked about Kinesiology, a system of combined natural disciplines
that strengthens and balances muscles, tendons and ligaments. .He taught me about the interactions of my muscles and organs and how a wholistic approach gets my body back to healing itself and keeps it there. I liked the idea and I wanted to try.
The results are what I had hoped for. The pain is gone and the range of motion are as good as
or better than they have been in years. I liked that Dr. Winner got the results without drugs or
surgery. And I liked the fact that he understood that the whole muscular structure had to be
strengthened to maintain the correction. It all made sense and IT WORKS!.

Whip Lash & Neck Pain North Georgia

North Georgia Doc helps a patient gain his full range of motion back to his neck and gets a chronically restricted shoulder to release.
Ian was involved in a car accident that created a whip lash condition in his neck and to his shoulder.
This condition is created when your head move too quickly frontwards and backwards, usually as seen in a car accident. This whipping action micro tears ligaments, tendons and muscles of the neck
and shoulders creating pain and restriction to your range of motion. Left untreated your body reacts by stiffing up and causing a lot of pain that becomes chronic over time.
The first thing we did for Ian was to begin to quickly strengthen the damaged muscles thru the use
of Kinesiology and Chiropractic care. These are gentle approaches that quickly relieves the pressure and now supports increased blood flow and nerve function. There was relief on that 1st visit. Over the next few weeks there was a complete recovery. Ian mentioned the results were better than he had hoped for. We call that the WOW factor.
If you or someone you know was involved in an automobile accident or just has chronic neck or shoulder pain, call the Wellness Center. Let’s get you the WOW factor , too.

Shoulder Pain & Bone Spurs North Georgia

I had shoulder pain for 4 years. It would ache and throb all the time and the medications I was taking weren’t helping.
Even the cortisone shot didn’t help. My orthopedic surgeon suggested a rotator cuff surgery, but I just didn’t want surgery,
I knew they lead to a second surgery and I wasn’t willing to go thru all that .I got to the point that I was using my left hand to do everything because my right shoulder was hurting all the time. .I was tired of the conventional medical treatment.
I had to try something new.
Then a co-worker mentioned Dr. Winner and how she was helped with a number of other conditions and was pleased with the results.
So I said, ‘I might as well go talk to him and see if he could help’. ‘What have I got to lose.’

Dr. Winner explained to me that he did not pop and/or crack my spine. My body couldn’t take that kind of treatment. He
introduced me to Kinesiology. A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced, reset the bones in a balanced-
natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support these changes. This is critical
for keeping me out of pain for years to come. I liked the idea.
Brenda did this video for you because she wanted to share her success with those of you who
have or have had constant Shoulder and arm pain. These conditions are very painful, limit your life and
causes a lot of emotional distress for you and everyone else. She hoped she doid’t have to live
this way the rest of her life. There is hope for you and you can have success. You can
call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line at and make an appointment.
If you want better health, visit Winner Wellness Center to see how they can help you!
I loved the results. NO PAIN, and NO MEDS. I WAS amazed how I feel. Why didn’t I COME HERE 1ST. Don’t wait like I did.