What is North Georgia Healthcare?

Jack Winner
Today I’d like to introduce you to this new concept. When we talk about health and healthcare, polite explain to you, as many people don’t understand what actually natural health care really is all about. Basically, understanding natural healthcare is allowing the body to heal itself, doing it in a natural way without using drugs or surgery. But I want to walk you through a day in office with a new patient and get some understanding at first day what that would feel like. First of all, here’s how this happens. A patient comes in. So the first thing I asked him, What is the first thing they want to do with the most prominent condition, that could be a back pain, migraine headache, or shoulder pain and knee pain. So we’re going to start with that process first. Or as we begin to talk, and this almost invariably happens, there’s more things going on than that. And oftentimes, when you have a prominent condition, it covers up things underneath could be depression, and the ability to sleep. And most people really were not sleeping without some kind of medication. Also, it could be just a call over or tired all the time. So when those conditions are prevalent, most often people don’t realize that they’re going on, they just live with them. So what I usually hear from them as well, I’ve tried drugs, or some kind of surgery procedure, and then help for a little while. But the problem came back. Or, or here, I’m still taking the same drug medication and taking it for a couple weeks, a couple months, and sometimes taking it for a couple years. But the problems still persist. They also say I didn’t want to quit the drugs because I was concerned about the side effects. Or Oh, here, I don’t like taking the drugs, because I know they have side effects. But I didn’t know what else to do, because my problem is still going on. So I asked them, Why did they come to the office, or to Doctor of Chiropractic or a kinesiologist. What I usually almost always hear is that I want to try a natural approach in so many of your videos. And I know some of those people have come here and gotten market results. So I want to try without drugs and medication to see if we can solve my problem. So when asked them, have you ever been to chiropractic for about a third of them say yes, they had with varying results. Then ask them if they’ve ever been to a kinesiologist before or if they even knew what that was. majority of the time people say no, I have no idea what that’s about. So that’s what I began to explain what can you see ology is all about what it is it’s chiropractic on steroids. What we’ll do is begin to take the basic chiropractors perspective, and add to that acupressure, cold laser muscle strengthening muscle testing. So we’re adding a lot of things to the basic carpet perspective. Because chiropractic works taking pressure off nerves phenomenal. But adding kinesiology to it takes it to the next higher level. Our basic understanding is your body is the self healer. Our job is not to heal you. Our job is to help the body do what’s already designed to do. And we can find that restriction or limitation your body body has the opportunity now to begin to help us. Remember, your body is working for you 24 seven, trying to solve its own problem through our time with us to help you buy new it’s already inherently designed to do open up pathways create opportunities for the body to solve its own problem. So if many people aren’t agreement, maybe you are as well that your body is a self healer, we have something now that can happen because your body’s ready for this to happen. So that is when I begin to see a lot of patients perk up when they realize and they have agreement with the body being a self healer. Many people know that I think most of you all do. And so the fact that divine is trying to heal itself is not a challenge for us to understand. It’s our challenge to find out where it’s being blocked and limited. This is where it’s Can you say ology is such a help? Because what kinesiology by the way I want to spell that word. kinesiology. k i NSIOLOGY kinesiology. What kinesiology means is a study of movement. When it can easily ologists does. It takes all different techniques like acupressure, cold laser, emotional release, technique, nutrition, structural imbalances, muscle testing, and puts all these disciplines together to incorporate into your system to help the body do its job well. We’re always trying to find out where is the body stuck, work in the body, not solve its own problem. Identify correct and clear.

Jack Winner
Our first order of business is to find out where you have pinched nerves. This is easily done when we look at your bodies symmetry  If you consider yourself right now, as you’re saying you’re standing here, look at your shoulders or your head. Are you showing even or is one dropped one higher than the other? How about your head your head straight or is it turned or tilted one side or another? How about your hips? Are you standing there straight is a foot turned out or turned in more weight on one leg than the other These are all symmetrical changes that your body has adapted to, to try to make things work for you. Pretty smart body. But if we find that you have these changes in symmetry, it tells us that’s a place we want to go. What you avoiding is usually what the problem is. And this we want to go to. So the first thing we do with you in kinesiology is take pressure off that nerve supply. Now beyond that point, we not want to get pressure often or spy want to keep it off. What do you mean, we don’t want to keep doing the same process over and over and over again and adjusting, we want to find out what muscles support, we have to have to get the muscle to hold that bone in place. We do that by using acupressure. And by using a cold laser, if we can balance these muscles out, now we got the bone back in place, pressure off that nerve supply. And the muscles can now hold that bone into position as you move back and forth through your day. Now putting pressure back on the nerve, the nerve now is free and clear. Most often that point that’s when you get pain relief. Now beyond that, we’re gonna begin to look at other aspects of your life who can help or hurt not getting being taken care of. That’s when we look at diet, or other structural things that you’re doing, or your emotional stress, all play. Because we have the tools and the knowledge to solve these problems. We now give you other possibilities of where we can go here to make a permanent  correction. So this problem doesn’t continue to return. for 37 years now I’ve had a chance to work with thousands of patients with all kinds of conditions. Our ability to help them is because we understood the devout is a self healer. And if there’s a reason for the problem, there’s a cause we can find that cause and correct that cause the body in its wisdom wants to go back to a normal state. So if I’m talking with you and you have a point in time, they say I have some conditions I’m tired of living with and I want to make a change. I asked you and urge you to call our office at 770536 6600 or go online to winter Wellness Center. Winter wellness, calm and leave a message or make an appointment. I look forward to helping you. The consultation is free. We’re gonna see if we can help you. I can help you I’ll tell you that. If I can’t, I’ll give you some direction on what you can do to make your system come back to its natural state of function. I look forward to helping you. I hope for you today health in a healthy future. Make the call

Aging Process in North Georgia and Gainesville

Like to talk to you today about a process that you’re going to go through, every one of us is going to go through, it’s called the aging process. And whether you like it or not, you are going to go through that process. And there comes a point in time, when you buy is now going to function like it did years past. So if you were beginning to age, and you are By the way, and not liking the process, I’m I have some great news for you. I’m Dr. JACK winner, my wife, Jenny and I are now in our 72nd year of our life, and we’re beginning to find our golden years are really pretty golden. However, we’re not finding that out with a lot of people, not only patients who are getting older, we’re actually find out what patients actually in the 50s and 60s as well. So want to talk about the complaints we’re seeing now, more than we’ve seen in the years past, and see if any of these complaints are you. First of all, many people are finding they don’t sleep well. Or they have to get up during the night once or twice or three times to go to the bathroom. It’s cause they, when they wake up in the morning, they’re still tired because they didn’t sleep well, the night before. We’re seeing a lot of digestive issues, also aches and pains, not only in just joints, but actually all over there want to see new changes, from moody to sometimes into depression. And for sure, we’re also seeing focus and memory problems and concentration problems become epidemic over time, then we’re seeing postural changes. And this is easy to look around. And see as people get older, we see slumped shoulders, we see people bent forward, and we see this hump in the back of the neck. And what most people are being told is, yeah, that’s part of the aging process. Well, that’s true to some degree. But it doesn’t have to be as bad and severe as what we’re seeing out there. There’s just too many breakdowns. And they’re happening actually too early in life for people as well. And also beyond that point, we’re not only seeing just one condition, or two or three, we’re seeing a lot of conditions, especially as they come along the way. We’re seeing people’s as actually as your life is going along. But now because of they’re having these breakdowns, they’re starting to take medications. 20 years ago, somebody had one medication that was pretty unusual. Here it is 20 years later, now there’s taken not just one, or maybe two medications, we’re taking three or more factor telling us some people have taken up to 15 different medications. What’s sad about that is those people know those medications aren’t really helping their health long term. They’re just getting out of symptoms short term. And they’re actually heading toward more breakdowns because they knows that medications have side effects. So what’s happening as many people actually health is spiraling down, it’s not getting better. So is if this is you, you can stop and look at these breakdowns, and you still have a chance to help them to stop them and actually reverse the trends. for 37 years now I’ve had the opportunity to bring people to a better state of health to a higher degree of vitality, and doing it in a natural way. And now with drugs or more more like more medications, but with natural methods. Those methods include kinesiology, chiropractic, acupressure, cold laser, exceptional nutrients, nutritional support, and also talking in showing them how to use diet properly to help support this system. And one of the biggest process along the way is having to readjust their negative thinking to positive thinking. So if I’m talking to you, now is the time to stop, stop the strain on your system and get the corrections you need to get the life that you came to here to joy to make happy. And if you don’t make we also find out by the way, if you don’t make those corrections soon, they just get worse. And I don’t think that’s really what you want is it remember, your body is a natural healer, it wants to get better. So if I’m talking to you in this makes sense to you and you realize your body has a capability of getting healthy and getting better. Call me let’s talk My phone number is 770536 6600 or email me at winter wellness.com the conversation in the consultation is free. If I can help you I’ll tell you that. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you what to think give you the advice you need to get your life back on track. You deserve it your value. So hope you value yourself enough and your life in the life you have left enjoy with your grandkids with the travels you want to do with your significant other or just a fact you want to wake up the morning with vitality and enjoy the day. Value yourself enough value the life you have left. Make the call

I hope for you good health and healthy future

Do Your Joints Crack Here in North Georgia and Gainesville Georgia?

Up in North of Toronto, Canada, I have a sister who is a remarkable polities instructor. For years for tribe has been following her faithfully during their exercise routines, as she’s instructed in love the routines as well as their love their motivated instructor. But over the years, some of the participants have noticed not only visual change in the body, but audible changes as well, like cracking sound in the joints is an exercise. So my sister asked me, what and why did these things happen? Why is it cracking? Why is it popping going on? So I want to have you get the opportunity to understand why that’s happening. First of all, like you understand your body has internal wisdom, and that, in other words, it knows what it’s doing, it’s doing its job 24 seven for you.

It knows when something’s wrong, something with a system does not function properly, you can now begin to look at the opportunity to make changes, which it does automatically.

But the best way for you by to alert you there’s a problem is by pain, or by dysfunction. If you have pain, hopefully you stop. If you stop the bubble attempt to re correct itself.

If you don’t stop, the body has to make a shift change as to do something support that problem.

If the pain goes away, then you go back to your happy life.

But if the pain doesn’t go away, by now we’re alert to make a shift or change that new shift or change what we call a dysfunction. What I mean by that is you’ll see as you walk or as you move, it’s not quite the same as it was when everything was function. Normally, the body will make an adaption. Like for example, if you hurt your shoulder, you begin to make movements different change where you show that you have pain, like picking up a basket or reaching the backseat to pick up your purse or pick up a package. If you can’t do it, normally you do an abnormally you adapt to that. Your body is always doing that.

In the short term, this is good. You want to be able to use your arm long term. No, it’s not so good.

The reason for that is in the long term, if you continue to do that it starts stressing out the body, other portions of it not just to the area where you had the problem. But the person now have to adapt to the problem. Because the body can do it. The way it’s designed to. It begins to break down. We call this breakdown. This ease is not easy anymore. It’s a disease.

But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a solution. I’m not talking more drugs, or medications or surgery procedures. I’m talking about the law allowing the body to heal itself.

Hello, I’m Dr. JACK winter, for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to help a lot of people stop this breakdown and put them back on the road now just to recovery, but their full range of motion, joint movement without pain, and that balance and vitality that they once had, and want to go back to again.

At first, they didn’t think and most people don’t think that’s possible. I’m here to tell you, it’s not even possible. It’s probable it’s real.

It’s real for you, by the way, not just for somebody else as well.

What I do urge you to call me my office number is 770536 6600 or go to Window Wellness Center, winter wellness.com.

So as you do that will make an appointment for you to have a consultation to discovery time we’re gonna find out why your system doing is doing, where the problems exist, and how we can correct that problem. When we identify the cause your problem, then we’ll give you a treatment plan, how we’re going to take this process to the end and we will take you back to that state of health. You can now live with without pain without medications and certainly without surgery procedures.

Make the call I love to hear from you. I’d love to have this conversation. See how we can help you. Let’s get started.

I wish you good health and healthy future

Sleep Problems and How We Treat Them in North Georgia

Something happened to me the other day was pretty interesting. Lady, he’d come in to the office and she said she’d heard a survey and the radio she thought was about most interesting. So I said, what’s, what was that? She said, Well, the radio announcer asked this question, what is the most prominent thought that most people think of each and every day? I said, that’s pretty simple. It’s probably food. No, that’s not it. She said, Well, something about your family. No, it wasn’t either. Okay, how about time off? Nope, no, again? Well, then I said, All right, you got me. I don’t know what most people think about each and every day. What she said is sleep. She said in the survey, 97% of people said, they can’t wait till they get home at night, they can put their head down on the pillow. Wow, I thought that’s an interesting thought. That figure and those thoughts were astounding to me. Even though many of my patients talk about the first or second symptom they have is fatigue. So I know it’s a problem. But I didn’t realize until she talked about the survey that how big a problem it was. Let’s talk about taking joyful things out of your life, you can’t sleep, you can’t enjoy life the way you’re designed to. So think about it. If you’re tired all the time, playing or interacting with your kids, is probably not something’s going to help and make easy make it easy for you, you’ll do it but you have to push on through or spending time with your friends and loved ones, you’re not going to be laughing are not going to realize your life’s passion by having a fatigue problem. And you’re certainly not going to be contributing to the world to make it a better place because you don’t feel good. You don’t have the energy to make anything happen anyway. So if you are someone who might have added some of the things to my list being fatigue one of them, I want to help you try to understand what’s possible here. More than that, I want to give you some possible solutions, and hopefully the solution to your problem. So if that’s the top of your list, not able to sleep, and what’s causing the problem, and it will sleep, we’re going to talk about what’s possible. First of all, is not a bigger c pap machine. It’s not more drugs and medication. We know that’s only a temporary solution, if it’s a solution at all. So our job in our offices to find out what’s the cause of the problem, we find the cause we find the solution. Oh, and by the way, that solution is a life changer. So for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of patients to not only help them sleep, but to help them give a deep restful sleep, so that when they wake up in the morning, they feel fresh, it feel alert, and they’re ready to get into the day and create a new day for themselves. So, over the years, here’s what I’ve seen and see if this doesn’t connect with you as well. One of the there’s a lot of a lot of reasons, but some of the reasons are this. First digestive issues. find this a lot. hiatal hernias, gastric reflux, the burping distension in the stomach is one of the problems that have to be addressed. There. We’re also seeing physical body pains, feet problems, feet, numbness, hip problems, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pains, hip pain can’t roll around in bed, because all those pains come up and they have to keep rolling away from the pains. Or it’s interesting. We see a lot of frequency and urgency problems. People getting up to 345 I’ve had upwards to eight times at night to go to the bathroom. If you’re up during the night, walk around, you’re not sleeping so you move on. So frequency urgencies are the problem when the problems we take care of we see that often it’s very solvable. Then again, an interesting thing we’ll see is a thing with the constant mind chatter. The brain just won’t turn off. So even help people successfully deal with that pattern of making the channel go away. And also by the way, another thing we see is people that when go they go to sleep, that their significant other snores there’s outside noises and activities or lights in the room that they can’t notice the room is very dark. These are emotional stresses they have to bet have to be in can be dealt with. And we are going to deal with those. Because if we can’t, can’t get your mind chatter to relax and be comfortable, you’re going to be up all night trying to make that go away. So then, once we got the problems identified, then we’re going to correct the problems and all these are correctable problems by the way, so you can find life expanding sleep fullness again and get back in your life as well. What we have found is 80 to 90% of our patients on that very first visit, begin to get a quality and improve sleep for the first time in years.

if you believe as I do that your body is a self healer. And you believe there might be a solution, your problem. And you have that you can now have the ability to sleep as you know that you can, then I urge you to see if we can help you by giving me a call. That call is to our office, which is 770536 6600 or go online to winner wellness.com. And email us we have a chance to talk, the conversation in the consultation is free. If I can help you, I’ll give you the solution know how we’re going to make that happen. If I can’t help you, I’ll give you some options that you can work look at and see if you can work through as well. So if this is the time for you to say God, I want to get my rest I want to be able to sleep well. I want to make a change and I got to start thinking outside this traditional box I’ve been in for such a long time. This is time to make the phone call. I look forward to helping you I look forward to making your life change. Looking forward to get you back on track. The vitality you know used to have that you’re gonna have again. So I hope for you good health and a healthy future.

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Controlled By Life, and Diet Changes

About four years ago, a good friend of mine and I were having a heated discussion about type two diabetes. He kept insisting there is no cure for diabetes. So I asked him, Have you ever heard of one person who was on diabetic medication come off, because their blood sugar dropped back to normal in the pancreas had revealed itself? He said, Yes, he knew one guy, but that was really unusual. I said, Yeah, it probably was unusual. But one person who was on medication was able to come off that medication. And you did the same thing that person did. Could you see the possibility that you could come off as well? I said, doesn’t that make sense to you? Well, he had agreed it made sense. But obviously, it couldn’t happen to him. It couldn’t happen to a lot of other people, right? Wrong. By the way, the reason we were having this discussion is because my friend had been a type two diabetic. He was on the pill, Metformin. Later that year, after Christmas, my friend’s blood sugar began to peak to the point his medical doctor said, You have now need to go on to the shot, because the pills not working for you any longer. So you have to start taking shots daily. And though medication took care of his expenses, he just didn’t want to have to stick himself a needle. And he also didn’t want those drugs in his system. So what happened is, he got angry, and then you got busy. He started looking at looking and asking questions. How can he get educated about what do I do about blood sugar? And how do I get it under control? It took all of two months. When he returned back to his medical doctor, his blood sugar and sugar had dropped back into the normal range. And he was staying off the medication as well. Well, the doctor had no choice. He took them off the medication that was four years ago, is still medication free, and no longer has risk of pancreatic cancer. Though my friend story may be making it hard to believe that that’s possible. And think he was just like one of the lucky ones. He is not just one lucky ones. He’s just one of those people who understood there was a reason why he had diabetes. If he understood the reason and took responsibility for the solution, by getting to the root of the cause of the problem, he could become insulin free. And that’s just what he did. I tell you a story because you and someone like you might have type two diabetes in this could be your story, not just his. for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to help people, like my friend and others regain health. If I help can help them. I know I can help you too. So we have not met yet. I think I know some things about you that might be interesting. It might be something, some reason why I’m talking with you as well. Here’s what I know, I know that many people want to be healthy. I know all of you want to be viable. Now many of you want to be out of pain, and you want to be off drugs and medication. And finally, what I know about each and every one of you that your body is a self either is capable of getting healthy. If given the opportunity and the right support in the proper way. There is a solution. What I’m asking you to do is pick up your phone and call me at 775366600 go online at winter wellness.com. Find a place for you. I’ll find that place and make if you make the appointment. The consultation is free. And I am going to help you see if we can find the reason why you’re having diabetes, diabetic condition itself we can help you. We will make a plan. But if I can’t help you by the way, I’ll give you some options and things you can do to begin your process as well. So, if today is a day right now, and I’m talking directly to you make this call. Let’s change your life forever. I hope for you good health and a healthy future.

Cancer Puts Fear Into Many in Gainesville Georgia..But There’s Hope

Today I’d like to talk about condition that most people just don’t want to talk about the dreaded C word. Cancer, yes, cancer. Whenever that word comes up, most people just cringe. It creates a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety. And not only just in the person who has a cancer, button friends and family, who love and care about the person as well, just the word changes everybody’s life. And just as bad as that fear and anxiety is, sadly it continues after the cancer has hopefully been eliminated, because it creates doubt and worry, is it coming back, or we’re going to see it again, with a normal procedures are for somebody with cancer is chemotherapy, radiation in surgery, or sometimes a combination, all three. And then most patients are told, not only is a cancer hopefully been taken care of they’re concerned about is it going to come back. So that doesn’t guarantee when we got it that you won’t see back sometime in the future. Some people however, including many my patients, know there’s a better way. Hello, I’m Dr. JACK winner. And over the 37 years, I’ve seen many patients come into our clinic with all kinds of serious diseases, cancer being one of those. But in all cases, we always find similarities in each patient. If you or someone you know, has cancer, I want to take some time today to hear to explain what those similarities are. And see if this can be relied Reliant to you as well. Here’s what we find. First of all, your body is a self healer. Yes, it wants to heal itself. In 24 hours, seven days a week your body is trying to heal itself. It’s on your side, it’s yours and our ally. I also know, somewhere along the way, there’s some restrictions or limitations in your body. And that’s why this cancer is existing, we have got to find those resistances and limitations. Once we find those, we know your body has the opportunity now to begin to heal itself. experience has told me that not only is your body trying to heal itself and the healing is possible, it’s actually quite likely, because your body has been conine doing it all your life, we know that body has had cancer cells in your body throughout your life all the time. And the body has just eliminated those processes. Because it works that way. That’s what the body’s degenerated to do. So once we finally find that cancer with you that now is causing a problem, we can now let it be flushed from your body. And then we can decide on a plan to help your body reach its full potential. So the cancer doesn’t return, then we’re going to establish a healthy health care plan. So the back and rebuild itself and we heal itself. And here’s what we almost always find, we’re going to see some restriction in either diet, some physical function, your body, or some emotional stress that needs to be dealt with. So that diet is obvious. The body needs nutrition to heal itself, we want to find the proper nutrition and to make that happen. And then physical activity circulation and blood flow. The body is generating all the time, the necessary ingredients to break down cancer eliminate from your body. So circulation blood flow is important to nerve and blood function, lymphatic flow. And lastly, the Marshall stress, we’re going to talk about and address any emotional stresses that you have. Once I get people to understand that what they’re dealing with, and what they how they can be brought to bring this condition under control, they now have the power to change their patterns and to change your life near establish new healthcare patterns that will give them the experience of happiness and feeling of empowerment. So what I’d ask you to do, if I am talking to you and you are one of these people who wants to release this, this cancerous condition for your body, and you also realize your body is a self healer. And if we found the cause of your problem and could eliminate it from this system, could you see the possibility of actually having your body re heal itself again, and being cancer free? For the so the best way for us to find this out is to ask you to give me a call. My phone number is 770536 6600 or go online to winter wellness calm and make an appointment. Your initial conversation in consultation is free. Gives you an IV opportunity to see if I can help you.

I always ask people or in doubt about ability to make the phone call to just come in. let’s eliminate the doubts and fears and let’s see if we can do something positive. To create an addition, change in your condition. Let the buy give a chance to heal itself. Once we find the cause, we’re on our way to find the secret of good health, which is within you as well. So I hope you value yourself enough to make the call to you, I hope, good health and healthy future

Gaineville Georgia High Blood Pressure and What To Do

Michael Stewart
Welcome again to the winner wellness.com podcast. I’m your host, Mike Stewart. Winner wellness is the premier Health and Wellness Center in Gainesville, Georgia. And I’ve got on the show today, Dr. JACK winter. How you doing, jack?

Jack Winner
I’m doing fine. Mike, good to hear from you again.

Michael Stewart
Well, you know, we’re gonna be talking about the problem that I suffer font from, and I love to hear what you have to say about it. But, you know, I’ve had issues with high blood pressure for many, many years. And I know, I know, I’ve been told that weight loss is one factor. But you know, the most of the medical community just puts you on pharmaceuticals. I want to hear what you have to say about the problem of high pressure, blood pressure. I think a lot of people know what it can turn into. But talk about that problem in detail and tell us what you guys do to help people that suffer from this affliction.

Jack Winner
Oh my god, I hear your story all the time. People tell me that all the time that they have high blood pressure and must have Often what they say is just what you just said, I would like to get off medication, but I can’t. So if you’re one of those people, I mean, I’m talking to you. So Hello, my name is Dr. JACK winner. I’ve been a chiropractor, kinesiologist in the Gainesville Hall County area for 37 years, I’ve dealt with thousands of patients over time, with all kinds of condition, high blood pressure being one of those. The problem with traditional medical treatment with high blood pressure is that they use medications. And most often the medications really don’t deal with the problem. They deal with the symptoms. It’s like putting a bandaid on an ongoing problem. It makes it look better, but it really doesn’t solve the problem doesn’t make it go away. So the solution is to find what’s really the underlying reason why your blood pressure is being elevated, and then correct that problem. So high blood pressure really has a number of things that are reasons why they actually get elevated. So it could be some of the structural problems, like a pinched nerve or restriction blood flow. Block meridians. That’s a structural problem that needs to be dealt with. However, it also could be a food problem, actually eating improper foods or not eating the right foods or enough foods, they actually satisfy your needs. Or they also along with that could be airborne problems like allergies, both the foods and things actually in their environment as well. Or another problem could be with high blood pressure is emotional components in like we see a lot, especially in this times right now, we see a lot of stress, a lot of worry, a lot of fear, a lot of heartbreak. Those things also elevated blood pressure. Or it could be a combination, all three the physical and chemical and emotion. So, in our office, what we want to do is we want to find out what is it where is it and we can find that we now can make a change. So if you’re tired of dealing with high blood pressure, and believe that you have got to look at a different approach, then call my office. That phone number is seven 770-536-6600 to make an appointment, or email me at the Winner Wellness Center actually went to winnerwellness.com we can have a conversation to help you get pointed in the right direction.

So if you come in, you and I are going to just sit down, have a conversation with an evaluation, that conversation, I really want to hear you. I want to hear what’s going on what do you feel about your life and what’s happening? Now, as I hear you, I’m also going to look at your body because your body is gonna tell us another story as well. What I’m looking for with your body, is your cemetery your balance, I want to see, are you sitting naturally? Or is there a drop shoulder or foot turned out? Or is your head tilted and twisted one way or another? So that speaks to the whole body? And that’s why we’re looking with high blood pressure. We want to find out what’s the whole story here. And once you get the whole story now we’re gonna understand where we need to go and approach and how we can make this a permanent change. I have if I do an evaluation, it’s free. And what it does for me, it tells me yours story. And it also lets you know what are you doing the causes problem and what can you do to make the change? So, maybe this is the time if it is make the phone call, this could be the phone call to actually change your life. So hope for you health and healthy future.

Michael Stewart
Jack, that’s awesome information. You know, there’s a lot of people suffering with high blood pressure in the Gainesville, Georgia area. And you know, it’s just a phone call away to get that free evaluation 770536660 and be sure to ask for Dr. Jack Winner and, and Jeanne Winner, because that couple can take care of your wellness and they’ve been doing it for years and they had you know, just look at their reviews, look at their comments, and be sure to share this podcast.

This information is given as a free service to the community to help people understand what the problems are and what to do about an alternative options. We’re creating a wellness in Gainesville, Georgia. And all you got to do is go to winnerwellness.com share this podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google and soon you’ll be able to hear it in Amazon Music and Audible.com you know, wherever you get your podcasts, they’re here, share this with others, share it on social media, subscribe to it, and we will see you on the next episode of The Winner Wellness podcast.

Backpain is Real For Patients in Gainesville Georgia

Michael Stewart
Hello and welcome again to the winner wellness podcast with your host Mike Stewart. And obviously the winner wellness expert in Gainesville, Georgia. That’s Dr. Jack Winner. And Jack is here today to talk about, you know, the problem that is, you know, is it really hurts to have lower back pain. And jack, I want you to talk about how that problem hurts people and what do you want to tell us about it? jack? Are you there?

Jack Winner
I am there, Mike. I look forward to letting people see what’s possible here.

Michael Stewart
Well tell us about the problem of lower back pain and what do folks at winter wellness.com do about it?

Jack Winner
Sure. Oh, Mike, if you’ve ever had lower back pain, you know how that can be devastating. It affects everything it affects your work, affects your play, affects your relationships, affects your whole life. Life is not marathon anymore. Hello, I am Dr. JACK winter. I’ve had 37 years to begin my chiropractic career and practice better Then lower back pain was probably the most prominent issue we dealt with then. They still are today. Many people have opted for traditional medical intervention only fine. It wasn’t really a permanent solution. What they try were drugs or medication. And hopefully, that helped until they had to try a little stronger drug. If that didn’t help, you tried a little stronger drug. And sometimes it went so far they actually became drug addicted, because they’re trying to stop this pain. Or if they tried surgery, hopefully that worked until they found it didn’t work. Because years later, they had to do a second or third surgery. Or some people have gotten to the point they just live with the pain. You just have to get through life any way they can, just to make it manageable. But well, I’m here today to tell you there is a solution in it. Yes, even if you’ve ever had hernia, herniated disc surgery or a ruptured disc, even if you’ve had a surgery that actually put rods and staples in your back. We’ve actually done with that as well, very successfully. But I want to tell you how that happened. The solution to that problem first, or the solution is to find out what is causing the problem. I mean, below the bulging disc, why did this happen in the first place? What is the real cause your problem, once we find the real cause of problem, then we can find a solution. So, when I examine a person with lower back pain I’m looking for first of all structural problems. That’s muscle weaknesses, tendons, ligaments, disk, nerve pressure. So, that’s on the surface. We all know that we walk in, we’re feeling those kinds of things, but also looking for in our practice, we want to look below those levels. Any contributing factors, like hormonal changes, dietary involvement, emotional stress, disruptive patterns in your life, contributing factors of daily life, and we’ve even seen the point we’ve seen parasite and Have we seen obstructive bowels, among other things, it actually caused this back pain to come about thinking it’s this problem. All these pieces play a part in why the body is breaking down. So once we’ve established the cause of the problem, then we’re trying to get to the solution. So if I’m, if I’m talking to you, and you’ve had one of these problems, and you’re tired of living with these lower back problems, without any solution site, maybe it’s time to step out of the traditional medical model and find the cause of the problem. So my staff and I are standing ready to actually help you. What you need to do is call 770 536 6600 or email me at winnerwellness.com. So we can begin to have a talk. Come in. We’ll do an evaluation with you and the evaluation. What I want to see and what I want to hear from you is really what you think your back pain is coming from. Then it was how your body reacts. I want to see what is condition is, are you standing inproperly, your balance and symmetry balance off. So once we constructed what your problem is, and where it’s coming from, and I really mean the core of the problem, then and only then can we really zero in on the solution. So the consultation is free, it gives me and opportunity to know you, it gives you the opportunity to know what is your problem? Why is it coming about and how can we solve the problem. So if you make the call, let’s get together and talk. So I hope I can help you and I look forward to helping you with your health and your healthy future.

Michael Stewart
Well, thanks, jack. You know, I know a lot of my colleagues and a lot of folks my age, complained about serious, debilitating back pain. In other words, I’ve had several friends say, I am on my back for days, and it’s really, really a bad problem. And it’s nice to know that you have a non invasive way to help a lot of people so all people need to do is go Go to winter wellness.com and be sure to share this podcast and blog with anyone that you know are having problems. This podcast is available anywhere where you hear podcasts at Apple, Spotify, Google podcasts, and very soon will be on Amazon, Alexa, audible and amazon music. So, till next time, this is Mike Stewart for the winter wellness podcast, and we’ll be sure to check out winner wellness.com

Allergies Are a Problem for Gaineville Georgia Patients

Michael Stewart
Welcome to another episode of The winner wellness.com podcast as the winner wellness podcast with Dr. JACK winner and Gene winner. And jack is here today to talk about something that so many people suffer from. Especially in the spring in the fall, I guess maybe it’s all year round jack needs to tell us, but it’s those pesky, annoying allergies. JACK, Are you here to tell us all about what’s going on with allergies?

Jack Winner
You’re right about allergies, they can be all year round as well.

Michael Stewart
They  will you  tell us all about it.

Jack Winner
Well, Mike, start off this one. This is what I hear from a lot of people. my sinuses are clogged, I can’t breathe. My nose is continually running and I have gotten to phlegm in my throat all the time. And we’re getting headaches from this pressure in the sight and my sinuses. Hello, this is Dr. JACK winter and I hear these symptoms from people a lot. It’s an ongoing problem. different seasons of the air can bring these things actually more efficient and be stronger at certain times near as well. Traditionally what we do is we opt for over the counter medications. Then if it gets bad enough, we go to the doctor prescribe medications. Or if it gets bad enough, we do surgical procedures to clear block passageways. as helpful as these procedures are, sadly, they don’t create a permanent solution to the problem. The reason is because we don’t get the cause of the problem. until you find the cause of the problem, the symptoms will continue to return. There is however, a solution. The reason you are having swollen sinuses and mucus production is because your body senses a foreign substance entering your body and your defense mechanism is trying to stop the intrusion. It is an immune response. There is a solution. The solution is to increase your immune system. Prepare your body to handle the foreign object in your environment. So there’s no reaction so your sinuses don’t swell and you don’t produce excess mucus in the third Seven years I’ve been using chiropractic, kinesiology to give patients remarkable relief, in sustained clarity, from the effects of allergies. Their videos are on our website, and they’re going to tell you their story, their success stories, it’s easier to hear their stories and is for me to tell you about those. When you find good debt relief, your life gets back to normal again, that better normal. Now I’d like to let you know that success is available for you as well. What I will do would like to do is take Have you take a call and call my office and we’ll we can talk with that. And that phone number is 770536 6600 you can email me at the winner wellness.com. So we let’s have a conversation. See, we are with all this what we need to do to help you. I must suggest you also come in for a consultation. If you do, I’m going to help you track down what and where your allergy responses coming from. That way we can minimize its effect on you or Effectively eliminated altogether. And that’s always my intention to effectively eliminate it altogether. I know it’s hard for you people, many people understand that. But again, you can see the videos. That’s exactly what we do. We stop it all together, you can breathe again. And your headaches stop again. Once we eliminate that mucus production, the production of mucus will stop the swelling we stop, the pressure will be gone. Evaluation free. What the valuation does, by the way, it lets me know what the problem is and where we need to go here. It also lets you know what the problem is, is oftentimes just to know what the problem is, is just beginning to indicate that you know what’s going on and how we can solve that problem. And once you could take control that we can now solve the problem. So right now if I’m talking directly to you, you want to make a change call. Let me know what you need. And let’s get started. I hope you have good health and happy future as well.

Michael Stewart
Well, jack, that’s great information. You know, the world suffers with allergies, and the first indication is just to go get some sort of off the counter off the shelf, pharmaceutical or even get some very strong pharmaceuticals or sprays. And if you treat the problem holistically, there’s an opportunity that you won’t need to take those medications. And that’s what a lot of people want to do. We want to take less medications and if we can treat this in a natural way, the way you do it winter Wellness Center, it could make a huge difference and a lot of people’s lives in Gainesville, Georgia, and the surrounding areas in North Georgia. So this has been the winter wellness podcast with Dr. JACK winner and Gene winner you all you need to do is subscribe to this podcast, share it with your friends in Apple, Spotify, or Google podcasts, and also on Amazon, music and Amazon audible. You know this podcast is a free service and community information, venture from winter wellness in Gainesville. And we want to continue to do it and we want more people to hear it to know There are options for better wellness right down the street if all you do is call 7705366600660. And that way you can book a free session evaluation session with Dr. JACK to make sure you’re a good fit, and I hope you’ll consider doing that. Give him a call and we’ll see you on the next episode of The winner wellness podcast.

Depression is Real for Some Gainesville Georgia Residents, Don’t Ignore the Signs In North Georgia

Michael Stewart
Welcome, everybody to the winter wellness podcast. I’m here today. Your host Mike Stewart for winter wellness out in Gainesville, Georgia. And today’s expert guest is is the resident guest, Dr. JACK winter, who is the chiropractor and kinesiologist that everybody in Gainesville should know about and visit them in winter wellness.com. JACK told me today he’s going to talk about a very serious but very important subject. That is depression. I’ve got friends who suffered have suffered from depression and it’s terrible. I mean, it goes from from very bad to, you know, just mild. I think we all get blue and down sometimes. So I got here and I’m going to be my muting the microphone here to listen to what jack Dr. JACK has to say about depression and how the folks at winter wellness calm can help the residents of Gainesville with depression. So Dr. JACK, are you here?

Jack Winner
Yes, Mike. I am Good morning. To you?

Michael Stewart
Well, you know, this is a very serious subject. So I want to at least let you treat this with the respect and need that it has. So jack, tell us about what you guys know about depression and what can be done to help the folks be able to deal with such a serious subject.

Jack Winner
Great, Mike. Thank you, Mike. You’re right. By the way, this is a very serious subject, and it’s getting worse and worse all the time. 20 years ago, Mike, we never heard people talk about depression. And a male would not ever tell me he was depressed. Now here we are 20 years later, and I hear it from probably 80 90% of the people either have severe mood swings or depression. So it’s an epidemic in our society, and something needs to be dealt with. So I’d like to talk about that today. And let’s not get depressed when we talk about because we got solutions at the other end of this. So let’s first of all just talk about depression. So we begin to understand, maybe you don’t have it, but maybe you do, understand what the signs and symptoms are. First of all, we’re fine out there. People who have registered or talked about depression is 5.2 million people. We know it’s much greater than that we know it’s it’s in the 10s of millions of people, especially with the pandemic going on right now. So here’s a sign of depression. You have a low low, you’re moody for a long period of time, you will have some kind of aversion to activities. It can affect people with their thoughts. It affects their behavior, their motivation, their feelings, in a sense of well being. So if those things are prominent with you right now, you might be headed toward maybe into some depression at this moment. And it can be seen as sadness, or difficulty in thinking or mental confusion, difficulty in concentration, or focus, or a significant increase in or decrease in your appetite. We’re also seeing people sleeping a whole lot more than they had been in the past, or they can’t sleep because they can’t get them their confusion or their head. We’re also seeing excessive fatigue, which is plaguing society right now are prolonged moodiness that goes on for periods of time. You also may have feelings of dejection or hopelessness or despair. We’re also seeing people with melancholy just I just don’t care anymore just to sit in on passionate perspective. Or worse than that we’re seeing a lot of suicidal thoughts, which is again, something I want to talk about because that’s becoming a prominent problem as well. And Mike, you mentioned this earlier, but this is true we can have signs of depression can be temporary, or they can be long term. So long term or prolonged depression can lead to withdraw from friends and family. If you begin to see this over a period of time, we know that people are heading toward depression. Or they there’s a resistance in connecting with not only people but activities. In other words, they get excessive excessive acknowledgments in maybe drugs, records. on drugs, or prescription drugs, you’re working on a mental acuity or mental alertness. Also, we’re seeing an increase in alcohol, it’s a drug as well. And again, it’s when you have that state of depression, we’re trying to get rid of this stage depression and alcohol seems to take that depression away for a short period of time. Of course, there’s a lot of things that cause because of that activity, and alcohol. And we’re also seeing people with excessive food intake, especially when they have depressed as well, because depression takes a medicine, that depression state for a short period of time. Something I want to talk beyond that point depression, because long term depression takes people toward a thing called suicide, which is right now they consider suicide a major national public health issue in the United States here because it’s happening. So presently, we’re seeing actually 123 people a day are dying from suicides, and that’s reported suicides. So we’re talking more like 48,000 people a year that we are not we know, a lot of suicides, by the way or not. actually being registered because people don’t want to think that my family or friend member died of a suicide, but it’s going on and it’s going on big time. And it’s getting to be an epidemic, it’s getting worse and not better. They’re also not taking into account when you’re talking about the number of suicides we hear about the ones that are actually happened that we don’t hear about the unreported ones. And those are into the hundreds of thousands, if not into the millions as well. beyond this point of doing suicidal things, things that we use kind of some kind of weapon to do that. suicides can also be created when we think about cancers, or hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes, excessive weight gain, weight loss. Those are all kinds of things that actually people are doing unconsciously doing unconscious suicides, which is pretty hard. Probably a hard issue to understand. But that’s what people do because they’ve given up and they’re tired, and this system begins to break down as well. And sometimes consciously or unconsciously, they’re committing a natural suicide. So, by the way, something just an interesting fact it’s, this is hard to hear. But I would like you to hear this because you need to understand this. Right now between the ages of 15 and 24. suicides are the second leading cause of death and those knows that that group there

Jack Winner
and downward age 10 to 14. It’s a third leading cause of death in young people, suicides. It comes from depression First, it motivates and escalates into depression and two suicides. So it’s a problem I want to talk also about these. The functional patterns are not necessarily getting better going away. They’re actually increasing especially with our present condition of this condition. We considered the coronavirus pandemic, it’s driving people into more fear and upsets and depression and doubt is increasing that all the time. So we’re into a state at this point in our society where we’re increasing Part of the probability of depression going into suicides as well. So that’s the bad news. Okay, so we just want to know what what’s going on here. So let’s look around, turn around to the good news. Okay? The good news is, this doesn’t have to happen doesn’t have to perpetuate itself. And it can be temporary. And we’ll come back to a natural state again. So there is hope, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. So I want to talk about what’s possible here and how we’re going to make this change. If you’re listening this podcast Now, let’s look at what we can do here and how we can make this come about for ourselves, ourselves and our family as well. Remember, from the beginning, we talked about us and we talked about this continuing our podcast. Your body is a self healer, you have the power to change your state of mind and your state of health anytime you choose to. So here’s what we can do right now, the days and weeks to come to make this change come about. First of all, get clear that you are you have some depression going on. Either it’s affecting you physically or emotional Once you begin to stop and say, Okay, I got that good. Now we can decide to make a change. So step number two, after you decide you have that depressional state or moodiness going on, decide you’re willing to make a change. Then make the change how you make the change, number one, look for someone or some method or procedure or process, they’ll help you get the results that you want. As you begin to make that change and get that person or that procedure going to work with be thoughtful, is it ethical and moral? Is it sound does it have natural possibilities about In other words, the food and the people you’re talking to and the activities you’re doing? Have a natural way about them that actually harmonize with you. Feels good about that you feel comfortable when you do that activity. Also that whatever you procedure and procedure you process you pick up B see if it’s consistent the people that you see working with that I have they embraced it. Are they making the changes are they getting successful you If they do, get in that process with them, remember, it’s a day to day processes your work this process through. Then also make sure it’s something you can stick with something you can it feels right with you that you’re willing to push yourself into a little further position or pattern to make that life change come about for you. Next, make sure you’re willing to make the choices and changes you have to see that others are doing that you can do the same way. And then as you go along along with us, you definitely want to see a difference and you want to know that you’ve been successful and your process and procedure or the person you’re working with is showing you and helping you see those markers along the way you’ve improved. We’ve got to have those markers because along the way we can get involved in this process and not know we’re getting better. So set your procedures properly that you can see I got success here. I started seeing myself smiling. I started seeing myself reach out started seeing myself interact with other people. You start watching this Marcus come along the way you know the procedures Right. Also, I want to kind of introduce you to what we do in the office so you can begin, we can start our process. Again, number one is understand you can make the change. Your body is capable and wants to be healthy. And it’s inborn in you that your system will do this. So understand that that’s always behind you and you, ace in the hole you by wants to get healthy. Number one thing we do beyond that point is to clarify, clarify that you want to make a change, then you set a new focus. Number two, we deal with you have the I Have you understand that the power of change is within you. It’s possible and once you decide to make the change, that process now begins that process to happen because you have a focal point and you pull yourself to that focal point. Next thing we do in the office, we evaluate where you are presently, physically, emotionally and nutritionally. You want to know where you’re at, because if you know where you’re at, we can now begin to make a change. To see that we make the changes to this six feet succeed where we want to go from here.

Jack Winner
Then number four is since we’re in our office, we do a thing called kinesiology. What is kinesiology? So it’s an advanced form of chiropractic. We use nutrition support. And when we begin to release stress and stress points in your body is what we want to begin to do. And the idea of what we do in our office we want to be open up openings in our body and access body parts and systems to now complete and harmony and flow. We want you to be at peace, we want you to be comfortable. Then we take the kinesiology which is actually using acupressure, chiropractic, cold lasers and all these things to bring the system back in that state of harmony and flow again, bring you back to your natural state which is joy again by the way. Then number five we we do with you is look at your diet. When you look at natural and organic foods we can obviously clean water. We want to learn to become friends with the new aspects of your life, that you now have a life support system with good food and natural functions, Vanessa, so herbs and things in your body and the clean water, this becomes a natural form of life you begin this process, you will find as you do this, your body chemistry is going to change. As it changes, it changes not only your chemistry in your body, how you feel, you change emotion mindset as well, your moods as well. Then we also talk in our office about Whole Foods, supplements and vitamins. They’re useful for us because what they’re doing is helping those deficient poor portions or your systems need help and support to get that support they need. And we’re talking hormonal balances, we’re talking thyroid, we’re talking adrenal. We’re talking the function to bring the pineal hypothalamus. We want those systems also to function well and nutrition supports that as well. So nutrition becomes an important or important aspect of getting back to normal state of function. The number six we’ll talk about the identifying emotional stresses and upset This is very important. This does two things with us. If we can sit down and get out of our head, what we’re thinking, This begins to open up and begin to defrag. Some of those emotional stresses we have, that’s talking to somebody else. If you have a relationship with with your Creator, you might have a conversation with him. But you can begin to get out of your head, what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling and put them down on paper. When you get them down on paper, what you will find is, geez, I don’t have those stuff running through my head, this overwhelmed. Now I see what my problems are. And now I can see the direct Avenue how I can solve those. So once we haven’t done a paper, and we’re going to be in the list those, those stresses and frustrations and fears that you have. And they give you a technique to take care of the emotional stresses and take the energy often want to diffuse that energy. And here’s what you’re going to find. When you’re stressed out you have a lot of energy about that stress. If we take that motional stress energy off. Now those situations become less and less two point they’re just statements. They’re not more stresses. So you want to defuse that. those energies, the number seven will talk to you about what would you like in the future? What would your future look like if that stress wasn’t here? This is important because you’re going to begin now to say, Oh, I have a purpose and reason for getting up in the morning and the reasons see what my future is going to look like. In very specific terms going to help you do that, we want to focus on what we have tendencies to become, this becomes a new reality. We know if we begin this process, it’s going to begin to make us look forward to what we have, as we eliminate the things that are keeping us from getting there. Now, I know this a lot of information, but what I want to bring you back to is, this is not an overnight process. This is a day to day process. As we begin to look at to at what we want to go to or where we want to go here. We begin to work these processes one day at a time. If we will do that anticipate from beginning it’s gonna take a process to do this. You continue to get your success with your markers and know I’m improving and getting better and we’ll come back to this State and come back to the joy that life once gave to us. And once you realize, by the way, as you go through this process that you are a valuable person, you have a gift to give not only to the people around you but to human humanity in general, in this journal journey becomes fun again, and life is worth living again. And that’s where we’re heading with this one. you’re capable and you’re desirable to have to have you be in this position your life, it’s time for this to happen. So, as you’re listening to this broadcast, this podcast, I invite you to call the number that Mike is going to give you at the end here. also invite you to go to Winner Wellness Website

Jack Winner
and join our team. We’d love to give you the opportunity to get the hope and life and joy back in your life again for brighter, brighter and better future. We look forward for that to happen for you in with you,

Michael Stewart
This is just so important information. So heartfelt, so real. And so all you have to do folks is call 770-536-6600. That’s 770-536-6600. And just talk to the folks, jack and Jean winter at winter wellness. They’re in Gainesville, Georgia. And I know that they can make a difference in your well being and your health and especially dealing with this serious, serious problem depression, because untreated and left alone and not reaching out and getting health, healthy, alternative opportunities to make yourself better is just, you know, a missed opportunity. So we don’t want to we don’t want to hear about anything horrible happened to you or your family members. So jack, thank you again, for such amazing content, amazing insight. It’s amazing how much information you know and my job is just to make you think about it and get it recorded so that people can listen to it over and over again. Thanks again. Thanks for a great podcast today, folks, be sure to share this podcast. We are an Apple Spotify. On Android. We’re in Google, if you google Winner Wellness podcast in any of those directories, especially the apple, Android and Spotify, you can hear the winter wellness podcast with jack and Jane winner. And they’re going to be covering all kinds of subjects. So subscribe, share it with your friends, listen to it and YouTube on social media. And we’ll see you next time on The winner wellness podcast.