Peripheral Nephropathy North Georgia

Debra had Vascular Reflux or known by it’s most common name, Peripheral Nephropathy.
Her legs ached and burned and she was in a lot of pain all the time. As her condition worse
her medical doctors suggested she have her veins stripped. She hoped that that was not
the only alternative since her father had that procedure done and he had more pain and now his legs swelled up and the fluid would not go down.

Debra knew Dr. Winner and has had success with Kinesiology and the Winner Wellness approach, so she wanted to see what they could do using a natural approach.

On that 1st visit that hope turned to a happy reality. The pain diminished enough that she
could see results. By the 5th visit she was out of pain and walking with he grand kids for
a long walk to one of our state parks. Needless to say she was happy to know that Peripheral Nephropathy was not a permanent condition like she was told. She also realized that she was going to be walking with her grand kids for a lot more years to come, PAIN FREE.

Debra recommends the Winner Wellness Center for you because IT WORKS! Call them.

Osteo Arthritis North Georgia

Kathy has had sciatica for years. With all the doctors and therapies, she was getting
frustrated and was loosing hope of ever being pain free.
This week she has walked 69,000 steps without pain. When she finally realized she could get
better by using Kinesiology she got committed.
That commitment and follow thru finally got Kathy the relief she had always hoped for.
After all these years she is finally pain free. And the really wonderful thing she did it without drugs
or more surgery.

Peripheral Neuropathy

I got to the point that I couldn’t feel coins left in my shoe all day. I took the
medication the doctors gave me, but after a year and a half with no results, I
knew that was not the answer. The problem was getting worse and the numbness was
moving up my leg. If this kept up I was not going to be able to walk at all. I
knew I had to try a different approach. So I did. I called Dr. Winner’s office.

After the 1st visit I began to feel a change. By the 7th visit I could feel my
feet on the floor. I now had feeling in my left leg. I couldn’t believe it. After
all these years of going to my medical doctors without relief, Dr. Winner got
the feeling back in my feet and leg. He taught me about the natural process
of Kinesiology and how it helps your body heal itself. I am a true believer
of the bodies own ability to heal itself. It happened to me and it can happen to
you. Just give it a try.