Ear Infections North Georgia

Ear infections can cause a lot of sleepless nights and lots of anguish for the parents. What
most parents do is wait until the problem gets bad enough that they will give the kids baby
aspirin and or a little heavier medication to ease the pain. If that doesn’t work they will go
to urgent care or their doctors office is open or if it is really bad enough to the hospital. In all
these places they usually get an antibiotic and something to get the fever down and a pain killer
so everyone can sleep. This is the normal average procedure. Then when it happens again, and
it will happen again, they go thru the same set of procedures again, with the same result.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop this continue cycle. The way to stop it is by getting to the
cause of the problem.
What is happening in almost all cases is that there is blockage in the eustachian tubes of the ear.
This back up stops the flow of blood and lymphatic flow down that tube. When this happens bacteria
has a chance to grow . When that happens that growth creates pressure and that creates pain. So the antibiotics kills the bacteria, but the original problem, tight muscles that close off the eustachian tubes remains. These tight muscles in the neck and throat continue to slow lymphatic drainage and the problem is ready to return when something caused you to increase mucus flow.
The correction is find and eliminate what ever substance is creating mucus. We call those substances allergens. They can be allergic reactions to animals dander, foods, seasonal allergies, mold or mildew or any other number of mucus producing substances in our environment.
At the Winner Wellness Center is to identify those allergens, open up those restricted lymphatic vessels and strengthen and balance the neck and chest muscles. Once this happens the pathways are open and there is no infection. No infection, no ear pain, no hearing loss.

If you or someone you know has this problem, call the Winner Wellness Center and make an appointment to stop this damaging cycle.

Who We Are, North GA

Dr. Jack & Jean Winner introduce themselves and their philosophy of health care. They explain why their natural approach is possibly the most efficient and effective way of getting and staying healthy.
Their basic understanding that ‘Your Body is a Self Healer’ is the foundation to their success. Their job is not to heal you, but to help your body ‘Heal Itself’. With that concept in mind, they use
a muscle testing procedure to determine strengths and weaknesses in your system. This test tells them where you need support and how that support is to be delivered.
Once those changes are made you, the patient, and the practitioner observe the changes and make
the next correction. Since your body is a self correcting organism, those new changes tell the
practitioner what needs to be done next.
Each visit is built on from the previous visit. Each one taking off another layer, so to speak, revealing the next layer of the bodies compensations. As each layer is corrected, your body is expected to be enhanced in function and capability. Your body is now beginning to heal on
it’s own, without drugs and or surgery. It is a respectful approach to your health & aligns with your body’s natural desire to be healed.
The results are amazing.

Cold Laser Info- North GA

North Georgia Doctor, Jack Winner, talks about the use and benefits of a Cold Laser.
This technology was developed by NASA in the 1960’s and approved
by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the 1980’s.
The general public didn’t hear much about it because we didn’t know
about the healing properties at that time. Besides, the American
Medical Association had their drug and insurance companies in place
to carry business on as usual. Why would they opt for a health care
protocol that was outside their training and expertise? There
is not big money in correcting health conditions.
In the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to help 1000’s of patients
regain their health without the use of drugs or surgery. Their stories are not being told by
the main stream media and certainly not by traditional medicine. Those stories are being
told on the Winner Wellness site. Go there and look up any condition you have an interest in.
The stories are compelling and real. It is my hope that we help you solve your concerns and
you can be added to those success stories.

Day #4 Body’s

Your body is beginning to heal, both externally and internally. Remember, your body is a self healer. It wants to heal, and each time we work with you, we are taking away stresses and strains on your body.

When your body is not under so much stress, it can use the additional energy to focus
on repairing damaged tissue. During the process, you’ll notice the pain relief. What you can’t see is the internal repairs happening within your body. That same healing process is occurring just as
intensively on the inside. Your body is intelligent and is always looking for the best option.