Do Your Joints Crack Here in North Georgia and Gainesville Georgia?

Up in North of Toronto, Canada, I have a sister who is a remarkable polities instructor. For years for tribe has been following her faithfully during their exercise routines, as she’s instructed in love the routines as well as their love their motivated instructor. But over the years, some of the participants have noticed not only visual change in the body, but audible changes as well, like cracking sound in the joints is an exercise. So my sister asked me, what and why did these things happen? Why is it cracking? Why is it popping going on? So I want to have you get the opportunity to understand why that’s happening. First of all, like you understand your body has internal wisdom, and that, in other words, it knows what it’s doing, it’s doing its job 24 seven for you.

It knows when something’s wrong, something with a system does not function properly, you can now begin to look at the opportunity to make changes, which it does automatically.

But the best way for you by to alert you there’s a problem is by pain, or by dysfunction. If you have pain, hopefully you stop. If you stop the bubble attempt to re correct itself.

If you don’t stop, the body has to make a shift change as to do something support that problem.

If the pain goes away, then you go back to your happy life.

But if the pain doesn’t go away, by now we’re alert to make a shift or change that new shift or change what we call a dysfunction. What I mean by that is you’ll see as you walk or as you move, it’s not quite the same as it was when everything was function. Normally, the body will make an adaption. Like for example, if you hurt your shoulder, you begin to make movements different change where you show that you have pain, like picking up a basket or reaching the backseat to pick up your purse or pick up a package. If you can’t do it, normally you do an abnormally you adapt to that. Your body is always doing that.

In the short term, this is good. You want to be able to use your arm long term. No, it’s not so good.

The reason for that is in the long term, if you continue to do that it starts stressing out the body, other portions of it not just to the area where you had the problem. But the person now have to adapt to the problem. Because the body can do it. The way it’s designed to. It begins to break down. We call this breakdown. This ease is not easy anymore. It’s a disease.

But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a solution. I’m not talking more drugs, or medications or surgery procedures. I’m talking about the law allowing the body to heal itself.

Hello, I’m Dr. JACK winter, for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to help a lot of people stop this breakdown and put them back on the road now just to recovery, but their full range of motion, joint movement without pain, and that balance and vitality that they once had, and want to go back to again.

At first, they didn’t think and most people don’t think that’s possible. I’m here to tell you, it’s not even possible. It’s probable it’s real.

It’s real for you, by the way, not just for somebody else as well.

What I do urge you to call me my office number is 770536 6600 or go to Window Wellness Center, winter

So as you do that will make an appointment for you to have a consultation to discovery time we’re gonna find out why your system doing is doing, where the problems exist, and how we can correct that problem. When we identify the cause your problem, then we’ll give you a treatment plan, how we’re going to take this process to the end and we will take you back to that state of health. You can now live with without pain without medications and certainly without surgery procedures.

Make the call I love to hear from you. I’d love to have this conversation. See how we can help you. Let’s get started.

I wish you good health and healthy future

Pain of Auto Accident North Georgia

Abby was involved in a auto accident and had a list of ailments. They included:
Neck Pain..Lower Back Pain..Mid Back Pain..Hand Numbness..Hearing Loss..Stomach
Issues..Lots of Pain..Couldn’t Sleep..Brain Fog..Irritable With Family. This was just after one
week post accident.
Abby, knew these conditions came from the accident even though you couldn’t see them.
She came to see Dr. Winner because she knew that the natural approach to the elimination of
these problems could be the answer and didn’t need or want drugs or medication for correction. She wanted a fast and a more permanent resolution.
From day one that is what she got. Now with all of these symptoms gone she is back to her
happy vibrant self to the relief of her and her family.
She did this video knowing that other people involved in accidents, car or otherwise, need help, too.
Abby trusted D r. Winner and Kinesiology. She knew he took a systematic approach to her care. She also knew of the many patients he had helped and that he took special care with each one. I liked that.
If you are someone you know has been involved in an accident, I encourage you to try this tried and true method. It works.

Thyroid & High Blood Pressure Gainesville GA

I was on High Blood Pressure medications for 13 years and then there was the Thyroid medication
for 16 years. My doctors said she would be on those medications or more of them for the rest of
my life. I didn’t like the side affects and the fact that they kept giving me more and more all the time was the wrong way to go and I knew it. I felt bad all the time and I knew the medications were doing that. Where was it going to stop. I knew I had to try something different. So I called the Winner Wellness Center.
Dr. Winner explained that my body needed support. He talked about Kinesiology, a system of combined disciplines that strengthens and balances muscles, tendons and ligaments. We talked about diet and nutrition and life style.He taught me about the interactions of my muscles and organs and how a wholistic approach gets my body back on tract. His approach made sense. Now
I knew what I had to do to get healthy and what Dr. Winner was going to do.
Everything has changed for me. i sleep better, interact with my coworkers and family better and I am not TIRED ALL THE TIME any more. My energy is where I hoped it would be, again. And more
than anything I am now in charge with my own health. I know what I have to do if my blood pressure rises. I have the tools and the knowledge to get and stay healthy.
Call Dr Winner or the Winner Wellness Center and regain your health back again like I did.
and keeps it there. I liked the idea and I wanted to try. At 66 years old I was running out of time.
Well, I am here to tell you it worked phenomenally well

Hip & Back Surgery Unnecessary

Dawn had two hip replacements and two lower back discs surgically corrected, but she was still in pain. Now she had difficulty with her balance, wasn’t sleeping well, wasn’t thinking clearly any more and just hurt all over. Her doctors said she was on her way to another surgery, as she was told, when you have one back surgery you are most likely going to have another. It is just a matter of time. She knew there had to be a better way. And another surgery was not the answer. She had heard about the Winner Wellness Center and their natural approach to helping the body heal itself. She wanted to try it. Then I met Dr Winner.. He did not pop and/or crack me. My body couldn’t take that kind of treatment. He introduced to Kinesiology. A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced, resets the bones in a balanced-natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support these changes. This was critical for keeping me out of pain now and for years to come. I liked the idea. But over the months Dr.Winner and I have been working at this, there has been steady improvement. To begin with the pains began to go away immediately, Then my posture improved, my sleep got better and I was thinking clearly for the first time in years. I got my life back. And more than anything I had both ‘hope and the promise’ of a bright healthy future. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! If you have any doubts that this Kineiselogy works, I am here to tell you, It’ Absolutely Does’!

Osteo Arthritis North Georgia

Kathy has had sciatica for years. With all the doctors and therapies, she was getting
frustrated and was loosing hope of ever being pain free.
This week she has walked 69,000 steps without pain. When she finally realized she could get
better by using Kinesiology she got committed.
That commitment and follow thru finally got Kathy the relief she had always hoped for.
After all these years she is finally pain free. And the really wonderful thing she did it without drugs
or more surgery.

Pains All Over Hip Elbows Feet

For 6 months I was in constant pain, all over my body. Drugs weren’t helping. Besides I didn’t
want to be on drugs for the rest of my life. I had to get outside the medical model and try
something, anything that might help. Dr. Winner and Kinesiology was my answer. Almost all my
pains are gone now. I’m sleeping, the hot and cold feelings are gone, I can exercise now without
pain. What can I say. It has been great. I got my life back without drugs or surgery.

Fibromyalgia & Auto Immune Dis

Debra had been pain for 30 or more years. She was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Great
she got a diagnosis, but she was still in pain. Four or five medical doctors were not helping
and the 8 different medications were making her feel bad all the time and upsetting her stomach
to the point she didn’t want to eat any thing. She knew she had to try something different, but
Then her husband made her an appointment at the Winner Wellness Center in Gainesville Ga. By the
3rd visit she began to get results. Seven visits later the pain was almost gone and her energy
began picking up as her depression left. She now has begun to reduce those drugs and eat normal
meals again with out pain. She didn’t know what Kinesiology was 6 weeks ago, but she does now.
It was the answer to giving her her life back. No drugs, no pain, my life back on track.

Arthritis & Osteo Arthritis North Georgia

There are 120 forms of arthritis. It has become an epidemic in our society. Where we used to see it
just in older adults, we are now seeing it in children as early as 6 months. So far the solution has
been drugs and or medication. That was a good answer, for a while. What most people are finding is
that they have to keep taking the drugs to ward off the pain. Once they stop the pain comes back.
Beyond that most people know that all drugs have side effects. They affect the liver and kidneys.
So a short term gain leads to a long term disability.

So a good question to ask is ‘is there a better way?’ And ‘why is this condition going on in my body?’
There is an answer. And ‘YES’ there is a better way.

Our recommendation is begin by changing your diet. Your body can and will regenerate it’s own tissue
which it does daily, if it has the proper nutrition to make those repairs. These dietary changes are
not difficult, they just take the proper understanding.

Next we are very thoughtful about finding nerve interference that restricts brain-body communication.
Kinesiologists and Chiropractors are uniquely qualified in relieving nerve pressure.

Then you need to increase the circulation in your body. Difficult when you are in pain. We use Kinesiology
to get you out of pain and get movement back into those joints. This procedure also increases muscle
strength and function, so that movement is pain free. When you are out of pain you have a tendency to
want to move as it feels good to move your joints.

As all these processes come together your body can begin to repair itself. Remember your body is not
not sleeping. It wanted to be healthy. If we give it what it needs it will repair itself. In our office
we expect to see that pain decrease and the repair begin within the 1st 4 visits.

So if you are experiencing arthritic pain you now have an idea as to what you can do to change that. We
do not expect you to go it alone. We are here to make this work for you. If you are now ready to get out
of pain and get on with your life, call me and we can talk. Or better yet call the Winner Wellness Center
and make an appointment. You are so worth it.