7 Years of Migraines North GA

Don has had sever Migraine Headaches that have not let off for 7 Years. The medical doctors thought it was due to a protruding disc in his neck. So they did a neck surgery and put in two metal cages. However, that did not solve his Migraine Headaches. Then they thought the Migraines were due to a lower back disc problem. So they did a lower back surgery and put in two metal rods. However, that didn’t solve his headaches, either. So they just let him go realizing he was just going to have to live with the problem.

Finally Don decided to go outside the traditional medical model box and try something different. Since his daughter had been trying to push him in a different direction,, he decided to try Kinesiology. The Kinesiologist, Dr. Winner explained to Don what the problem was and how he was going to use a combination of Chiropractic, Acupressure, Cold LASER, Emotional Release and Nutrition to get to the cause of his Migraines.

By the 4th visit, Don knew was at the right place. The pain had began to go away and his life was beginning to turn around. Now after a year he is living a happy joyful life.

When asked what he would tell others about his experience at the Winner Wellness Center,
he says, Just give it a try. You will notice the difference by the second week.

Migraine Headaches


Anyone suffering from Migraine Headaches will tell you how debilitating they are. To suffer for more than 40 years? WOW!!

Debra has been in pain for in pain for 40 plus years. She has tried the traditional medical thinking with drugs and medication. Most often times they didn’t work and just made her feel worse. There were times when I would be in bed for 20 or more days without relief. Something had to give. I was missing everything with my husband and family, let alone my joy of life. This was no way to live.

Her husband Ron encouraged me to try Dr. Winner and Kinesiology. He explained to me what was going on in my body and how he was going to correct it. Though I did not understand the specific procedure, I did understand it when he said the body is a natural healer and it can heal itself, if we help your body to realign..

By the 2nd visit I could feel the difference I could not believe it. Now I am off almost all of my medications and pain free. My Migraine headaches are GONE and the depression has lifted. I still can’t explain Kinesiology, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I got my life back. It works. And I am PAIN FREE!! I encourage you to come in and ‘JUST DO IT’.

Exhausted & In Pain North Georgia



Annie had almost given up. She had been to a lot of doctors without any success. She had
dizzy spells that made her disoriented. Her head hurt her all the time and she was exhausted
every day. She tried a new diet, exercise and every medication her doctors gave her. Nothing
helped and she was getting worse. She knew she had to think outside the traditional medical
model of health care. Fate stepped in and she did try something different, the Winner Wellness

Dr. Winner explained that her body could heal itself with the proper procedure. He explained
Kinesiology. Once the process began, she saw and felt an immediate difference. It turned her
body on. She stated to feel alive again. The head pressure left. Her dizziness and disorientation
stopped and she began to sleep again. Her energy is where she hoped it would be. She got her life back
again. This is what living feels like.