Heart Palpations & High Blood Press, North GA

Pam had been thru it. Heart palpations, High Blood Pressure, Night mares, High Anxiety.
and then Side Effects from the Medications she was given. It all added up to a very life alternating situation. She had gotten to the point she didn’t know where to turn to next.

Then she remembered the success she had had at the Winner Wellness Center in Gainesville, Ga. They are a Wellness Center that specializes in Structural, Nutritional and Emotional correction for many and most ailments. So she called and made an appointment.

Right from the beginning thru the process of Kinesiology and muscle testing we identified Pam’s problem. With some structural correction, nutritional support and use of our exclusive Emotional Release Procedure we were able to make the right corrections.

In a very short time Pam has been able to make a complete turnaround. She is Free of that High Anxiety, Heart Palpations, High Blood Pressure, Nightmares and off her medication as her and her doctor discussed. Needless to say, Pam got her life back. Much more than that she know now how to deal with those situations that might have brought on these conditions in the past. She is not only pain free, she is worry free.

If Pam’s story speaks to you and you have had enough call our office at 770-536-6600 or go on line to WinnerWellness.com and let’s change your life.

Backpain is Real For Patients in Gainesville Georgia

Michael Stewart
Hello and welcome again to the winner wellness podcast with your host Mike Stewart. And obviously the winner wellness expert in Gainesville, Georgia. That’s Dr. Jack Winner. And Jack is here today to talk about, you know, the problem that is, you know, is it really hurts to have lower back pain. And jack, I want you to talk about how that problem hurts people and what do you want to tell us about it? jack? Are you there?

Jack Winner
I am there, Mike. I look forward to letting people see what’s possible here.

Michael Stewart
Well tell us about the problem of lower back pain and what do folks at winter wellness.com do about it?

Jack Winner
Sure. Oh, Mike, if you’ve ever had lower back pain, you know how that can be devastating. It affects everything it affects your work, affects your play, affects your relationships, affects your whole life. Life is not marathon anymore. Hello, I am Dr. JACK winter. I’ve had 37 years to begin my chiropractic career and practice better Then lower back pain was probably the most prominent issue we dealt with then. They still are today. Many people have opted for traditional medical intervention only fine. It wasn’t really a permanent solution. What they try were drugs or medication. And hopefully, that helped until they had to try a little stronger drug. If that didn’t help, you tried a little stronger drug. And sometimes it went so far they actually became drug addicted, because they’re trying to stop this pain. Or if they tried surgery, hopefully that worked until they found it didn’t work. Because years later, they had to do a second or third surgery. Or some people have gotten to the point they just live with the pain. You just have to get through life any way they can, just to make it manageable. But well, I’m here today to tell you there is a solution in it. Yes, even if you’ve ever had hernia, herniated disc surgery or a ruptured disc, even if you’ve had a surgery that actually put rods and staples in your back. We’ve actually done with that as well, very successfully. But I want to tell you how that happened. The solution to that problem first, or the solution is to find out what is causing the problem. I mean, below the bulging disc, why did this happen in the first place? What is the real cause your problem, once we find the real cause of problem, then we can find a solution. So, when I examine a person with lower back pain I’m looking for first of all structural problems. That’s muscle weaknesses, tendons, ligaments, disk, nerve pressure. So, that’s on the surface. We all know that we walk in, we’re feeling those kinds of things, but also looking for in our practice, we want to look below those levels. Any contributing factors, like hormonal changes, dietary involvement, emotional stress, disruptive patterns in your life, contributing factors of daily life, and we’ve even seen the point we’ve seen parasite and Have we seen obstructive bowels, among other things, it actually caused this back pain to come about thinking it’s this problem. All these pieces play a part in why the body is breaking down. So once we’ve established the cause of the problem, then we’re trying to get to the solution. So if I’m, if I’m talking to you, and you’ve had one of these problems, and you’re tired of living with these lower back problems, without any solution site, maybe it’s time to step out of the traditional medical model and find the cause of the problem. So my staff and I are standing ready to actually help you. What you need to do is call 770 536 6600 or email me at winnerwellness.com. So we can begin to have a talk. Come in. We’ll do an evaluation with you and the evaluation. What I want to see and what I want to hear from you is really what you think your back pain is coming from. Then it was how your body reacts. I want to see what is condition is, are you standing inproperly, your balance and symmetry balance off. So once we constructed what your problem is, and where it’s coming from, and I really mean the core of the problem, then and only then can we really zero in on the solution. So the consultation is free, it gives me and opportunity to know you, it gives you the opportunity to know what is your problem? Why is it coming about and how can we solve the problem. So if you make the call, let’s get together and talk. So I hope I can help you and I look forward to helping you with your health and your healthy future.

Michael Stewart
Well, thanks, jack. You know, I know a lot of my colleagues and a lot of folks my age, complained about serious, debilitating back pain. In other words, I’ve had several friends say, I am on my back for days, and it’s really, really a bad problem. And it’s nice to know that you have a non invasive way to help a lot of people so all people need to do is go Go to winter wellness.com and be sure to share this podcast and blog with anyone that you know are having problems. This podcast is available anywhere where you hear podcasts at Apple, Spotify, Google podcasts, and very soon will be on Amazon, Alexa, audible and amazon music. So, till next time, this is Mike Stewart for the winter wellness podcast, and we’ll be sure to check out winner wellness.com

Gainesville Georgia, What To Do For Pandemic Prepartion

Hello everybody and welcome to the Winner Wellness Podcast with your host, Mike Stewart, and resident expert, Dr. Jack Winner. As of today in April 2020, and I want to timestamp this because you might be listening to this far in the future, but as of today, April 2020, we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. So Dr. Jack, what are your ideas and suggestions for us to prepare for the future?

Well, Mike, that’s a great idea because if it’s happening now, it certainly could happen in the future. So Mike, what I’d like to do is going to take our listeners through this process so they begin to see really what’s going on.

First of all, let’s start with what we already know. At this point, and this is April of 2020, there’s 42,000 deaths worldwide that we reported. The 42,000 seems like a large number. However, I looked back at last year for the CDC, which is our agency that looks at disease processes in America, and come to find out last year they had anywhere from 24 to 65,000 people die of the flu. Now this is actually what this pandemic is, Coronavirus-19, is actually a flu, which is a virus is actually in the system. So we had 24 to 65,000 in the last year. We didn’t consider that pandemic. That’s just normal flu season. In fact, that’s actually what it was.

So I had a chance also … So again, I want to bring this to light with people because again we now start to play off of fears here, when people are doing things out of fear that because we’re being told by the news media this is a pandemic, this is terrible. So let’s talk about what’s this really doing to us as a society. By the way, I just to put some things in perspective or by the way also again, I told you there’s 42,000 people that we think died from the flu. Now we’re not even sure they really died from that virus, but we’re just going to take it for granted that maybe that’s true. But to give you a perspective here, last year, 647,000 people died of heart attacks. 800,000 people died of suicide. Cancer, 558,000 died of cancer.

Diabetes last year … 1.6 million people died of cancer and 187,000 of those were children. So we start looking at all these numbers and say 42,000 compared to again just suicides in this country is we’re really out of balance here. If we were to go after some kind of pandemic, we should go after heart attacks or suicides. So again, what I think we’re a little out of balance on this one. So when we consider as a pandemic or not, suicide would be considered a pandemic. So right now, our healthcare professionals are saying that now we need, or we have to have vaccine. If we had a vaccine that would stop a lot of this. Again, last year we didn’t have vaccines for that flu or we thought we did to some degree, but we still have that many people dying. So let’s just talk about the virus to put this into perspective as well.

Did you know that the viruses of the body reproduce every 20 to 30 minutes? Not days and months, every 20 or 30 minutes. We know there’s more than a thousand different viruses in your system that are consistently, continually, you produce it all the time. So to go after some kind of a vaccine to stop this problem, as soon as we find one, it’s going to change again. You kind of see it’s changing this all the time. So it’s difficult to find out to say, well, if we get a flu shot, it’s going to solve our problems. We know better than that now.

So another thing we’re looking at is also that we have viruses in our body all the time. It’s consistent. If we’re going to start doing some testing now, and the healthcare professionals have worked real hard to say we can test everybody and they’ve started to come up with the idea that we’ll design this testing procedure and then we can work with this testing procedure.

I don’t know if you all know this right now. Right now we can find cancer cells in your body. You can find those. Does that mean you have cancer? No. You have the cells which are called undifferentiated cells in your body. Does that mean you’re going to have cancer? It doesn’t mean you have cancer. It just means you have cancer cell. How about herpes zoster or shingles? That viruses is in your body. Most of the people have had mumps or measles. That virus is still in your body. If we do a test, we are going to find that virus in your body. It doesn’t mean you’re going to have viruses from shingles and/or herpes zoster. Not necessarily. But then we’re going to talk about immune system, why that would happen. But those viruses are still in your body anyway.

But also all … I also think we have to advise on right now is bacteria, molds, funguses, those are also found in your body. They are found throughout your lifetime. Does that mean you get sick and that’s a pandemic? No, that doesn’t mean that at all. It just means you’re sitting in your body. So it probably comes back to the fact that we have a problem with the immune system. That’s what the problem is. And then you’ve all known and heard about this before: Somebody who has what we consider the coronavirus, that person dies, but the family members don’t die. They didn’t get the vaccination. How did that possibly happen? It’s called resistance. The higher the resistance, the more likelihood that you’re not going to have the problem. So a problem, it really is resistant and that’s what we’re working toward. We want to increase your immunity, what they call it. You constantly hearing in the news, they’re talking about humanity, how important that is.

It is the ultimate importance. That’s what we’re going to. So if we’re going to look this possibility of a pandemic again next year, where we need to look at it is our immune system, each and every one of us with our immune system. That’s some kind of shock we put on our system. But how we actually do the things daily to make sure our systems are healthy.

So let’s talk a bit about immunity. Now last week in our podcast, we talked about white blood cells. White blood cells are the new guys that float through your blood system and their job is to seek out viruses and bacteria and mold and mildew. Their job is to seek those out and kill those. And they do a great job as long as everything works well. So what we find with people that have the problem is their system actually has the white blood cells and that’s not new. That’s everybody’s got those. The problem is the system has too many fires to put out. What I mean by that, when there’s so many things going on in your life, like the body says, No, I got bacterial growth. I got stress in my family and I’m not eating properly. I’m working too hard. All those things basically break the body down.

We talk a lot about if we see the body from three perspectives and I mean when we all get down here, I want to lay those perspectives out so you can very naturally begin to change these things for the next year. Here’s what we see. Physically, your body can breakdown physically, chemically, or emotionally. Let’s start with physically. What we found is people are too sedentary. They sit too much. They don’t want to move too much. We want that to happen because we want to increase blood flow. It’s what movement does. That blood now is taken all over yourself, all over your body into each cell killing bacterial and viral infections. So circulation is necessary.

Also is you’re physically moving. Your muscles are also pushing the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is like the garbage pail system of the body. It’s actually taking those toxins out of your system, taken through the heart and kidney and eventually up the urinary system out your body. We’re taking those toxins back out and that’s got a flow and that’s where water helps us so much to make that happen.

Also, we’re finding people are not sleeping so well. We find that almost that’s an epidemic out there, that people are not sleeping well from generalized stress. I’ll talk about stress in just a moment. Also pains. We have pains. Oftentimes we say, “Oh, I’ll just take some kind of medication or something to make the pain go away.” But that pain is going on and your body is alerted, the pain is there. It’s still an energy to solve that problem. If it’s still an energy to do that or hold that problem off, your body now has another fire it has to put out. So we want those fires put out. We don’t want the body to be physically going through a lot of activity that it has to deal with. It can’t deal with immunity.

Next thing we’re very thoughtful about is chemically. What’s happened to our society, and you can look around this and see this for yourself. Last 20 years, the overweight population in this country has dramatically increased, obviously increase in diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity, is due to our poor diets. What I would ask you to do over time is look at your diet. You got to change that. You want to give your body the possibility and the opportunity to heal itself with good food. Remember food is your medicine. All the pesticides, herbicides, they’re putting on food, the additives are the things that are actually hurting you. Getting good food in your system is necessary so the body doesn’t have to put that fire out as well.

The last thing we see with people is emotional breakdown. People are stressed out. They’re dramatically stressed out now, more than they’ve been in a long, long time. Loss of a family member, fear, anger and frustration. All those things run rampant in our society. And the more they do that, the more fires they add to your body that you have to deal with. There’s an interesting statistic I looked up. You realize that more people die at Christmas time in the years than any other time of the year? Pretty interesting idea. What’s going on with that? What we find is that people are holding themselves emotionally into a position where they can make it through Christmas, then die shortly after on New Year’s. Statistics are very high in that number.

Knowing that the emotional stress of your body affects your physical body as well. So you mean, stress is causing death? Absolutely. What you’re doing with the newspapers and the media that are stressing people out are actually pushing them toward a broken down immune system which we got to bring it back up and maintain as well.

Right. So, that’s kind of the problem. Again, so how are we going to solve that? Well, the first thing we ask you to do is clean up your diet. So just real basic things here. First thing, when you walk into a grocery store, walk on the outside aisles of the grocery store. That’s where the live food is. In other words, fruits, vegetables. Those types of things we want to get into the systems. We want to go with as much as … If we can, as much organic and live food as we can. The reason is because they have vitality and energy. They are healers of the body. Remember: food is your medicine. The better the food, and healthier you’re going to be.

Also water. You can’t overlook water. It’s a basic foundation of your system. Consider the body is 70% water. You got to have that water in the system. How much water? What kind of water? What we like here a lot is hydrolyzed water; you want water that has electrical charge. If you can’t do that, just clean your water up as much as you can. Filter it and get the chlorides and fluorides out of your water, doing it as naturally as you can, and hope anywhere from 24 to 64 ounces of water a day would be a great way to go about things. You can do more if you choose to.

Then also consider a thing called fasting. What fasting is, it’s an area, a time in your day, where you stop, actually stop eating and let your body heal itself. If you can remember back to caveman time, those guys weren’t eating three meals a day. They had a meal today. That was great and they might miss tomorrow and the next day. They did a thing called fasting. When they were fasting, their body became stronger, more vital. They were thinking more clearly because they had. They had to make the body work and have to make a living. So fasting is something we don’t do. Now we overeat. So we reverse that when we actually stop eating and let the body heal itself. You might just want to consider maybe a day a month or just go from the evening meal through until your lunchtime meal and give your body a chance to heal back up, getting out some of these fires.

And also next thing we’d like to do besides the diet, we’d like to look at exercise on a regular basis. What a lot of people say, well, I exercised really hard last week but I didn’t exercise this week. Well, we got to be consistent. So find some kind of exercise you choose to do. Then get with some friends, which is a wonderful way to go about this because you guys can go out and socialize and exercise at the same time or join a gym or just go out for a walk and just get outside, get some fresh air. Also, there’s obviously yoga, Pilates, join a dance class, get involved in some kind of martial art, pickle ball, anything you do just to get the body moving and make it fun. If you make it fun, you have a chance and tendency to make it, do it on a regular basis. Again, you’re building your immunity by that movement.

And then lastly is take time emotionally with yourself each day. If that’s a prayer, that’s meditation, that’s having conversation with somebody, some way to kind of get out of your head and let your body work with the mind, exactly clear and healthy. So we can get the negative thoughts out of your head. You can go online. A lot of YouTube and Facebook and podcasts, like this podcast here to talk about things that you might want to consider. They give you an open possibilities that you haven’t thought about before. This is a wonderful time to live because there’s so many people out there with great information on these podcasts and again, YouTube and Facebook, but you can hear other ideas and just have to think about those ideas will withstand you again.

Then finally is to find and follow a healthcare professional. Someone who sees your body as a whole. Someone who helps empower you. You can use positive things like positive mindsets, exercise and good food to help the body heal itself. Put the body back into a state of harmony, in a state of peace.

So to sum all this up, just be conscious about your food. Make sure you’re eating foods as organic as much as you can. Move, exercise, keep moving the system that’s helping all parts and portions of your body, not just your legs and upper body, but the whole body as well. Hands and fingers and neck, so forth. But also be positive. Think about what you want. Your mind is going to go someplace. Put your mind on something you want to have. Power, priority, power of positive thinking. Be around people that are happy and upbeat. Smile. Make this life easy and enjoyable. The challenge is going to be there and you can deal with the challenges, but when you’re healthy, it’s a lot easier to make that happen.

Very finally, stick with professionals. Find a professional that is actually thoughtful about your body as a self healer and do the things they ask you to do, follow through. Use them as a coach to help you prepare for the years to come instead of patterning your life. They actually will help you be healthy and put all these fires out. So Mike, in a nutshell, these are our possibilities and this is where we can go if people decide this is not going to happen again. We don’t need this pandemic thing to happen.

Well, I can’t believe all the great information you’ve given today. Pandemic or no pandemic, this is just the way you should live if you want to have a healthy, prosperous life physically and emotionally. And so thank you again for such great information. Obviously folks, Google Winner Wellness. If you want to get in touch with Dr. Jack, you can go to winnerwellness.com, and there are all kinds of ways that you can connect with him and do the things to have a better life. And more importantly, share this podcast on social media. Subscribe to it in Apple, Google, and all the popular places, Spotify, where you can get podcasts and know that we are here to make it better for you. So thanks again, Dr. Jack.

You’re sure welcome, Mike.

Hip & Back Surgery Unnecessary

Dawn had two hip replacements and two lower back discs surgically corrected, but she was still in pain. Now she had difficulty with her balance, wasn’t sleeping well, wasn’t thinking clearly any more and just hurt all over. Her doctors said she was on her way to another surgery, as she was told, when you have one back surgery you are most likely going to have another. It is just a matter of time. She knew there had to be a better way. And another surgery was not the answer. She had heard about the Winner Wellness Center and their natural approach to helping the body heal itself. She wanted to try it. Then I met Dr Winner.. He did not pop and/or crack me. My body couldn’t take that kind of treatment. He introduced to Kinesiology. A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced, resets the bones in a balanced-natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to support these changes. This was critical for keeping me out of pain now and for years to come. I liked the idea. But over the months Dr.Winner and I have been working at this, there has been steady improvement. To begin with the pains began to go away immediately, Then my posture improved, my sleep got better and I was thinking clearly for the first time in years. I got my life back. And more than anything I had both ‘hope and the promise’ of a bright healthy future. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! If you have any doubts that this Kineiselogy works, I am here to tell you, It’ Absolutely Does’!

Veteran w/ Lower Back Pain, Gainesville GA

Wayne is a 23 year veteran with a 15 year back and hip pain. Over the years he has done and taken everything
the VA and other associated doctors and Chiropractors have prescribed to alleviate his pain. Like a good solider
he did what he was told to do. Finally, after a while he realized he had to try something different.

He did! He asked the VA if he could try Dr. Winner and the Winner Wellness Center.

Dr. Winner explained about Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles.
He said if he strengthened the muscles that would lead to a more lasting correction. He then explained
how he was going to target the weakened organs and nutritionally support them. It all sounded good.

It took just 3 visits and Oh! What a Difference. In his words, ‘I felt Free!’. With the pain gone for the first time
in 15 years, he was released from being constantly reminded of how he hurt.

Now he is sleeping twice as long and his vitality for life is returning.

If you are a Veteran or just someone who wants to get out of pain, call the Winner Wellness Center. This place is a life changer.

Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)

Amber Grace has both eyes crossed from birth. It made it hard to focus & her eyes got tired easily.
We were ready to try something out side the traditional medical box. We needed to try a conservative approach first.

Dr. Winner explained what the problem was and how we were going to solve it. He explained about
Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles that make the
eyes move. Everything he told me made so much sense. We now, at least, had hope.

By the fourth visit it paid off. She can now see and her eyes are not tired all the time.We liked the idea of natural. Amber Grace just liked the idea of being a normal kid. We all got what we wanted.

If you are willing to try this method, Kinesiology, I think you will be impressed. It is very effective.

Bladder Cancer.

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May of 2019. My doctors wanted to insert a substance into
my bladder to destroy the cancer. They said this would take about 6 weeks. Since I am not that
crazy about putting drugs in my body, I wanted to try a more natural approach.

Since I had been to the Winner Wellness Center for other problems I had had in the past and
knew of my success with those, I knew I could trust Dr. Winner. He explained to me about
why cancer grows in my body and how the proper blood supply restricts and eventually eliminates
the environment for it’s growth. If we change that environment the cancer dies.

I knew of Kinesiology, Dr.Winner specialty, as a technique that uses a Cold LASER, Acupressure,
Muscle strengthening along with additional procedures, to help my body heal itself naturally. I liked that.

Well, I am happy to announce that after six treatments in 6 weeks, the Cancer is gone. I got a
call from my medical doctor and said, ‘We see no signs of that Bladder Cancer’. ‘You are Cancer Free’.

I am thrilled and appreciate Dr Winner and Winner Wellness Center for helping me understanding how and why i got
Cancer, how we were going to deal with it and why it should work. And the results. We were successful. Now I am
going to continue this good care to build my body back up so the Cancer does not return.

I am not a survivor, I am a take my self and body into my own hands and live my life to the fullest.

Sciatica & Hip Knee Foot Surgery

I had hip surgery and two knee replacement and foot surgery. I am sure they were
all contributing factors to my Sciatica. I have had it for years, but the last 8 years
have been the worse. Always there, no one or nothing seemed to help.

Then I met Dr Winner.. He did not pop and/or crack me. My body couldn’t take that kind of treatment.
He introduced to Kinesiology. A process that works with strengthening muscles that when balanced,
reset the bones in a balanced-natural way. And as this is happening the whole body realigns itself to
support these changes. This was critical for keeping me out of pain now and for years to come. I liked the idea.

But over the months Dr.Winner and I have been working at this, there has been steady improvement. This morning
was the 1st time I was able to get out of bed without any pain. I am now gardening and up and off the
floor without pain. No drugs and certainly no more surgery. I wish I had known about Kinesiology 20 years ago.
At least I do now.

Stomach Pain..Hiatial Hernia..Acid

I just couldn’t swallow and it felt like I was choking. Then there was the fear of stomach pain
after every meal. I got to the point I was afraid to eat and just didn’t want to try. Prilosec
and Neium nor any of the other over the counter medications didn’t help either.

Then I met Dr. Winner and that all changed when he found the source of my problem. It was a restricted
esophagus and diaphragm. . Dr. Winner explained what the problem was and how we were going to solve it.
He explained about Kinesiology and it’s natural approach to balancing and strengthening the muscles. He said
if he strengthened the muscles, especially the diaphragm, that would lead to a more lasting correction.
He then explained how he was going to target the weakened organs and nutritionally support them. It all sounded
good. After that 1st visit I got relief. More than that for the 1st time in years I had Hope.

When he made that correction every thing changed. I got my life back.
I can now eat without fear that I am going to be in pain or sick. After all these years. Why didn’t
I know about him sooner.