Do Your Joints Crack Here in North Georgia and Gainesville Georgia?

Up in North of Toronto, Canada, I have a sister who is a remarkable polities instructor. For years for tribe has been following her faithfully during their exercise routines, as she’s instructed in love the routines as well as their love their motivated instructor. But over the years, some of the participants have noticed not only visual change in the body, but audible changes as well, like cracking sound in the joints is an exercise. So my sister asked me, what and why did these things happen? Why is it cracking? Why is it popping going on? So I want to have you get the opportunity to understand why that’s happening. First of all, like you understand your body has internal wisdom, and that, in other words, it knows what it’s doing, it’s doing its job 24 seven for you.

It knows when something’s wrong, something with a system does not function properly, you can now begin to look at the opportunity to make changes, which it does automatically.

But the best way for you by to alert you there’s a problem is by pain, or by dysfunction. If you have pain, hopefully you stop. If you stop the bubble attempt to re correct itself.

If you don’t stop, the body has to make a shift change as to do something support that problem.

If the pain goes away, then you go back to your happy life.

But if the pain doesn’t go away, by now we’re alert to make a shift or change that new shift or change what we call a dysfunction. What I mean by that is you’ll see as you walk or as you move, it’s not quite the same as it was when everything was function. Normally, the body will make an adaption. Like for example, if you hurt your shoulder, you begin to make movements different change where you show that you have pain, like picking up a basket or reaching the backseat to pick up your purse or pick up a package. If you can’t do it, normally you do an abnormally you adapt to that. Your body is always doing that.

In the short term, this is good. You want to be able to use your arm long term. No, it’s not so good.

The reason for that is in the long term, if you continue to do that it starts stressing out the body, other portions of it not just to the area where you had the problem. But the person now have to adapt to the problem. Because the body can do it. The way it’s designed to. It begins to break down. We call this breakdown. This ease is not easy anymore. It’s a disease.

But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a solution. I’m not talking more drugs, or medications or surgery procedures. I’m talking about the law allowing the body to heal itself.

Hello, I’m Dr. JACK winter, for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to help a lot of people stop this breakdown and put them back on the road now just to recovery, but their full range of motion, joint movement without pain, and that balance and vitality that they once had, and want to go back to again.

At first, they didn’t think and most people don’t think that’s possible. I’m here to tell you, it’s not even possible. It’s probable it’s real.

It’s real for you, by the way, not just for somebody else as well.

What I do urge you to call me my office number is 770536 6600 or go to Window Wellness Center, winter

So as you do that will make an appointment for you to have a consultation to discovery time we’re gonna find out why your system doing is doing, where the problems exist, and how we can correct that problem. When we identify the cause your problem, then we’ll give you a treatment plan, how we’re going to take this process to the end and we will take you back to that state of health. You can now live with without pain without medications and certainly without surgery procedures.

Make the call I love to hear from you. I’d love to have this conversation. See how we can help you. Let’s get started.

I wish you good health and healthy future

Neck-Back-Knee Pain North GA

Paul is getting older and came to the realization that if he didn’t get and keep his body healthy and is shape he would live to regret it. Beside, he said, good health is an investment, not an expense.

When we first met Paul was just curious as to what Kinesiology was and how it worked. He has been to chiropractors before, but the results was just not what he had hoped for. When we talked muscle testing and the cold LASER and acupressure he was on board with trying this unique approach.

I am happy to say he found a home. The aches and pains are dissolving and his flexibility and posture are all improving. He understands why he is getting better and has embraced what his responsibility is in maintaining his health in the years to come.

His advice to you, If it doesn’t work, stop coming in. If it works, come in until you get the results you want. Pretty simple! And by the way it works.

Blocked Sinuses Gainesville Ga

Alex works in a kennel where there is a lot of animal hair and dander to cause allergies and block
up his sinuses. He couldn’t quit his job, but he couldn’t go on like this every day. He hoped there was a natural way to unclog them because after years of using drugs they were not doing the job. He was
still clogging back up again and the side effects of the drugs making him ‘feel weird’.
On the first visit to the Winner Wellness Center he got relief. After they cleared the blockages, they
naturalized the dog and cat hair. I couldn’t believe the results. No drugs, no blockages. I can breath again. It has been months and I still haven’t gone back for a visit and my sinuses are still clear.
Why did I wait so long?

Osteo Arthritis North Georgia

Kathy has had sciatica for years. With all the doctors and therapies, she was getting
frustrated and was loosing hope of ever being pain free.
This week she has walked 69,000 steps without pain. When she finally realized she could get
better by using Kinesiology she got committed.
That commitment and follow thru finally got Kathy the relief she had always hoped for.
After all these years she is finally pain free. And the really wonderful thing she did it without drugs
or more surgery.

Exhausted & In Pain North Georgia



Annie had almost given up. She had been to a lot of doctors without any success. She had
dizzy spells that made her disoriented. Her head hurt her all the time and she was exhausted
every day. She tried a new diet, exercise and every medication her doctors gave her. Nothing
helped and she was getting worse. She knew she had to think outside the traditional medical
model of health care. Fate stepped in and she did try something different, the Winner Wellness

Dr. Winner explained that her body could heal itself with the proper procedure. He explained
Kinesiology. Once the process began, she saw and felt an immediate difference. It turned her
body on. She stated to feel alive again. The head pressure left. Her dizziness and disorientation
stopped and she began to sleep again. Her energy is where she hoped it would be. She got her life back
again. This is what living feels like.