Covid19 and Your Immune System Here in Gainesville Georgia

Welcome, everybody. I’m Mike Stewart, and we’re again at the Winner Wellness Podcast with myself, Mike Stewart, and resident expert, Dr. Jack Winner. Jack, are you here today?

I am, Mike. Good to hear from you today.

Well, I’m in Nashville, Tennessee, and Jack is in Gainesville, Georgia. And we are doing a virtual interview, like we do all the time. But I’ll tell you, the reason we’re doing it is because of this Coronavirus. It’s the talk of the world. It’s not just a local issue, it’s a worldwide issue. And I know that we’re getting so much attention about that. Talk about this problem and what can we do to stop this virus from taking over?

Well Mike, that’s a good question. Obviously, we are hearing a lot from the press and the news about what we should do. What I thought we might do Mike, is just make this as simple as we can so people have some clear understandings about what they can do, how can they make the changes, how they can actually support themselves and the family.

So first of all, Mike, we’re told that this is a thing with the older generation or people that are sick. Or if you have any kind of ongoing disease process, like diabetes or asthma, or autoimmune disease. Those kind of people are going to be more vulnerable to having the virus actually take over their system. So those people obviously have to be very aware of not the contact, we’re talking about just being away from a group of people, being pretty much on their own.

Right now, we don’t have any kind of vaccine and they don’t think they’re going to have come up with one by the time this whole wave has gone through, Mike. The problem with the virus is that every two to three days they change. They change so quickly that we can’t catch up with the virus. So we’re not going to have a vaccine, but what we can do is make sure we’re socially thoughtful about what’s going on here, and isolate ourselves like we’ve talked about in the quarantine.

Mike, what I want to do is explain to people that they’re talking so much now about the immune system. And the people who have poor immunity, that’s why these people are getting the viruses. And that’s why we’re starting to see the death rate elevate a bit here. So I want to go back and simplify what’s actually going on with the immune system. If we knew that we had a compromised immune system, that’s why we’re having the problem, we’d want to make sure that we increase immune function.

So how do we do that, Mike? We talk about first of all, what is the immune system? What the immune system is, it’s just your body’s natural ability to fight bacterial, viral infections, parasites. Whatever else comes in your system, your body should be able to fight that. So how this process is done with every human being on earth is you have a natural immune system called white blood cells. They are circulating through your bloodstream all the time. They’re job is like little Pacmen. They’re looking for bacterial, viruses and molds, these kinds of things. White blood cells, as they see something that’s abnormal in the system, they attack that and they kill whatever they see along the way.

So, as long as that system is working well and the body is not too compromised, these little guys do a great job. Then when something new comes in like this coronavirus, the body says, “Oh, oh, oh, I see something I haven’t seen before. My white blood cells are getting overwhelmed here. What I’ll do is, I’ll prototype to understand what kind of new item I have, what kind of virus I have here. And I’ll go back to my spleen and I’ll actually make these little soldiers called T lymphocytes. Those guys are now going to be produced by the spleen. So the spleen will start working on making these new soldiers to start sending them out into the blood system, so they can now attack this new virus.

Now what’s tough here is, if our systems are compromised or are sick, or our system has actually broken down, our body has a tough time making all these little soldiers. So they can’t fight as well as they can if there’s too much virus in the system. We’re starting to see now, people that are over-infected by somebody who was around them on a continual basis, get more and more virus in the system, these little soldiers get overwhelmed.

That happens, after while, the body is not really sure what’s the problem anymore. Because these viruses are starting to break down the tissue. They start breaking that tissue down, like the lining of your stomach or your bowel, your lungs or your heart. They start breaking down, your body’s not really sure what’s the problem. Is it the virus or these cells that are actually dying?

So now these T lymphocytes start attacking your own body. We call that autoimmune disease is what we call that. So when that happens now, the body is actually fighting itself. So it’s not fighting the virus anymore, it’s actually starting to break it’s own system down. That’s when we have the problem. And that’s why we’re starting to see deaths out there as well. So our job is to boost that immune system, Mike.

So we take again, down the point, Mike. Again, a lot of people say, “Okay, I got that. I realize that’s what’s going on? So how do I fight that?” So I want to give you an overview of what’s possible. And get real specific with you, there’s some things you can actually do when you and I get done off this podcast.

First of all, the first thing you want to know is your body can fight this virus. And I want to talk about how difficult it is for a lot of people who are fearful. And your fears are actually sometimes setting the problem up. So, hopefully what we’ll do is begin to have a belief system that your body is capable of solving this problem. And what we know about the mind, how the mind thinks, the mind actually programs your body’s physical function.

What I mean by that, we all have some understanding of the power of prayer, the power of positive thinking. Those things are actually things that actually help the body do a better job. In reverse of that, when we are fearful or upset, or have a negative mindset, that actually doesn’t allow the system to have a stronger immune system, it decreases your immune system. So the power of positive thinking is very important.

I just want to give you an example. There’s a guy by the name of Norman Cousins. He had cancer, actually up in Philadelphia a number of years ago. He was a medical doctor actually, and his friends opened him up and said, “You got so much cancer, there’s no way that we can do any kind of surgical procedure here.” So they said, “You know, this is it. You’re probably not going to last another six more weeks.” So Norman went into a hotel, he rented some films, W.C. Fields and Laurel Hardy, and the Three Stooges. And he paid his hotel bill and he said, “In six weeks, either I’m going to walk out of here or you’re going to carry me out.”

Well fortunately he started laughing. And everyday he watched those films and by the end of six weeks, he walked out of the hotel room. They couldn’t find the cancer anymore. He laughed himself to health. It’s called The Anatomy of an Illness, and it is a book by Norman Cousins. But he’s not the only one who’s done this. Many and millions of people have done the same thing. So we begin to understand how important the emotions are with you. So if you are fearful, you need to change those emotion states and get some positive aspects in your life.

The next thing we want to look at is foods. I want to go back to basics again. So what happens with a lot of people is we don’t eat good foods anymore, sadly so. A lot of our produce and things we’re getting have been chemically sprayed and genetically modified. Those foods now in our body are not foods that actually help us anymore. They become toxic. I want to give you an example of that. A number of years ago, I had a woman come in who had cirrhosis of the liver. She wasn’t a drinker. She was eating normal foods like everybody was, but what happens, actually her liver began to break down. So by the time we saw her she had sores on her body and she was very toxic and extremely tired.

And actually she asked me specifically, she said, “Can you solve cirrhosis of the liver?” I said, “No, I can’t.” She said, “Well, can’t you help me?” I said, “Yes, I can help you.” She said, “Well why can’t you solve cirrhosis of the liver?” I said, “Because we don’t chase cirrhosis of the liver. What we do is we actually make sure the body is healthy. And healthy bodies don’t have cirrhosis.” So she said, “Well what can we do?” I said, “Well the first thing that I ask you to do is clean your diet up. What I mean by that is, corn, wheat, dairy and sugar, come off of those, all those today.”

Well, she was very serious because they were going to remove her liver within six months. So she was on the ropes right now and so she decided, “I am going to do this right now.” She went home and threw all that stuff out. She tossed it in the garbage. That was pretty dramatic but at this point, this is a life or death situation. So I think that’s what a lot of people right now are actually facing as well with this coronavirus. So we need to get real clear and serious about what we’re going to do here.

Well that’s what she did. Within two weeks, her blood work stopped going down and it leveled off. Within the next two weeks, it came back and began to rise and go back to normal. Within two months, her blood levels were all back to normal again. That was five years ago. Her liver has completely cleared up. She never replaced her liver. Her energy and vitality is up. She has more vitality than most people you’ve ever seen before. Because her system now, wonderfully actually healed itself. And that’s what the body is capable of doing. That’s called increased immunity. It was capable for her but it’s capable for all you as well.

The last thing I would mention to you is exercise, movement. The body needs to move. If you remember, your blood is actually a healing agent. What your blood is doing is taking nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and hormones throughout your body and taking them to every one of your cells. Those cells now are being fed properly. If they’re being fed properly, now they will tear down old tissue and build better tissue. That waste back now is taken back out of your system, being returned, made it’s returned. And also lymphatic returned as well. How that system works though is by movement. The better your movement, the more the circulation blood flow, the more the body can tear down old tissue and build better tissue.

I want to also mention to you the lymphatic system. This is the very important part that people don’t have any realization of. The lymphatic system, wherever you have a blood vessel, you have a vein, you also have a lymphatic vessel. The lymphatic vessel, it’s job is like the garbage-can cleaner of the whole body. It’s taking all of the toxic material out of your system. When in the lymph nodes, it’s taking them up to your heart, through to your kidney, and it’s filtered out through your urinary system.

As long as there’s circulation blood flow, that lymphatic system can now also begin to do it’s job by clearing the toxins out of the system. How that lymphatic system works is by your muscle movement. The muscle is pushed against the lymphatic vessel. It forces the lymph system to move along the way to the lymph nodes where it’s killed and moved on now to clean out and make a healthy system for you.

So circulation is tremendously important. And that circulation could be just a good walk. Especially if there’s been a lot of house [inaudible 00:10:51] downstairs, we’ll walk throughout the house, where we’ll begin to look on YouTube where they have things like yoga and Pilates, and significant exercise programs. I see a lot of things they’re coming up with just to get circulation blood flow in the system. So that’s what we can now begin to do. It’s a simple way to do that, but that can actually make some major, major shifts in what’s necessary for the system to clean itself.

Well Jack, this has been amazing information and encouraging. And here’s what I’ve heard is I’ve heard that depending on where you are with your immune system, the coronavirus is not a death sentence.


And two, you got to look at what you’re doing, diet, exercise and your own situations with your own body. And one of the questions I have, it looks like you’ve been giving us all kinds of proactive things we can do. But are you in agreement that the quarantine and the social distancing is helpful as well?

It is, Mike. And what we’re hearing now, we just heard this back from Italy that they had about 40-something doctors have already died. What they found out is the more you’re exposed, the more that virus is brought into your system, the body gets overwhelmed. So the social distancing is very important, and the quarantine is important as well at this point. So Mike, if the listeners out there really want a boost to get their immune system up and active quickly, they can contact the Winner Wellness Center.

And what we do, we’ve worked with these problems for 35, 37 years. It’s the same idea. You’re making the system healthier so we can increase your immune system. So sense we’ve had such good success with this, if you think that you would like to get in, real active with this, call our office at 770-536-6600. Go onto our website, Or you can go, and send us a comment if you choose to. And we’ll get back with you and talk about what’s possible for you wherever you’re at. We can make that happen.

So, sometimes people, like you said earlier, Mike, they just want some direction. And realize, this is not a permanent condition. This is a temporary condition. And we can be proactive and make this process go through much quicker than waiting for something to happen to us. If we become proactive, just like you said earlier, this is going to be a good time for us. Maybe we have to be home with our family for the first time. We can start work on the deck like we wanted to. So let’s make this a positive experience for us. And this is maybe a great time also to get our health right, as well. So let’s use this in a positive way and make our lives better because of this experience.

Well this is a very timely and needed set of information. So wash your hands, stay at home, take care of your family. Learn to do things that you’ve been putting off. We’re finding a lot of folks learning to do things they’ve never had to do before because they never made it a priority. Well now you need to make it a priority. Well now, you need to make it a priority. Those things that you thought that you wanted to do, take this time to finish those things. Because as a friend of mine said, “We’re in a tunnel and there’s a left turn out there. So we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but once we make that left turn that light’s going to shine bright and we’re all going to be a whole lot better.”

So I recommend everybody, share this podcast. We’re in Apple, we’re in Google, we’re in Spotify. People need to hear what Dr. Jack & Jeanne Winner tell folks. Because they’re going to help you get better. That’s why they’re called Winner Wellness. So, go to And we’ll see you on the next Winner Wellness Podcast.

Coronavirus and Strengthening Your Immune System for the Gainesville Georgia Community with Nutrition

Hello, and welcome everybody to another episode of the Winner Wellness Podcast. Today, I’m here with Jeanne Winner, our resident nutritionist and expert on all things nutrition. Jeanne, we have a question that’s very relevant today with the coronavirus and flu season. What are things that you suggest we do to improve our immune system?

Mike, that’s an excellent question. Because right now in the news we’re hearing about the coronavirus. We’re hearing about flu season and we do want to take steps to keep our immune system strong. So, that’s an excellent topic for our season right now. Number one, is definitely do wash your hands. Don’t just rely on hand sanitizers. I think that’s part of where we got off the track, that we started just using hand sanitizers and not washing our hands. So, wash your hands and have your children, teach them to wash their hands properly. Another thing, is we should be eating the foods that feed our immune system, and also learning a little bit about what is our immune system, and how does it work?

Because in your body you have these amazing cells called the immune cells. They are called lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes, and they literally are a little army that resides within your body’s tissues. And if any virus, gets in or on you, they literally will pounce on that virus, engulf it and destroy it in a flash. But you have to feed them. They are living cells and they have to be fed. And unfortunately they don’t eat potato chips and soft drinks. I’m not saying never eat potato chips or never eat soft drinks, look at those as fun foods. They’re really not for nutrition, so avoid using those as a mainstay to keep your blood sugar balanced, but get in the habit of eating some good nutritious foods.

And by that I mean foods like broccoli. Broccoli is a wonderful immune boosting food. Spinach, yogurt, Greek yogurt without all the sugar is a great immune boosting food. You definitely want to make sure you have adequate protein in the form of fish or lean meats. You also want to make sure you’re having foods in their natural form. For example, the spinach, you should eat it in its raw form. And also with sunflower seeds. Other foods that are really good to boost your immune system are, papaya and kale, apples, walnuts, citrus fruits. Of course if you’re allergic to citrus fruits, you know who you are, then you will avoid those. Peppers are very good for the immune system, and so are teas such as ginger tea, green tea. Those are all good immune boosting foods.

On the other hand, you want to think about at some point doing a cleanse. Because our bodies accumulate toxic chemicals, debris, and you want to cleanse periodically. And a really good way to cleanse would be to abstain from processed foods for a period of time, and abstain from sugars for a period of time, and in that interim, eat only vegetables and minimal fruits in their raw or steamed form. Lots of pure water. Get some light exercise. And a big immune booster, especially with viruses, I want to mention, is sunlight. I know some people are afraid of sunlight, but sunlight is good for you. Now, I’m not talking about excessive sunlight, as lying in the sun for hours on end.

What I’m talking about is 20 to 30 minutes of sun exposure every day. Now, that’s a challenge with the weather that we’ve had here, especially in Georgia, in the past few months because it’s been very dark for the most part, and it’s rained a lot so we haven’t had a whole lot of sunlight. Today we have some sunlight, so if you have sunlight, get out in it. And if you have a sunroom or a sun space, put on some shorts and a tee shirt or little robe and just lay in that sun, and let your body make some vitamin D. Now, why is that important? Because vitamin D is like a little truck. It’s a transporter. What does it transport? It transports calcium to your bloodstream so your immune cells can get it. You got it?

Now, obviously you have to have some calcium in your diet. Well, a lot of foods I mentioned do have calcium in them. But your best calcium source is calcium lactate. Because it converts to what we call the bioactive calcium, calcium bicarbonate in one step. And that’s another thing to talk about, chemistry of calcium absorption. Let’s get back to vitamin D. Now, vitamin D is necessary to transport calcium from your stomach and intestinal track to your bloodstream. Because once it’s in your bloodstream, your cells can get it, they can absorb it, and what that will do, is that will activate your immune killer cells. They need that calcium in order to be able to move quickly and engulf viruses.

No calcium, your immune cells do not move. They go dormant. And your body will tell you if your calcium levels are too low in your tissues or in your bloodstream, it will tell you that. What are the signals that your calcium levels might be too low? Well, one would be low blood pressure. If your blood pressure is low, that’s a signal that… And what I mean by low is 90, 95 over 40 or 50 that low. If it’s in the low 100’s or the high 90’s, you definitely don’t want it lower than that because you could pass out. But some people normally have low blood pressure, but it also could be they don’t have the calcium connection. So, low blood pressure is one signal that your immune system is down because there is not enough circulating calcium.

Also, another signal is muscle cramps. If you ever get muscle cramps, and I’m talking about those Charley horses, they often occur in your legs or feet or even hands. Some people get them all over. But those are a signal there is not enough calcium in your muscles. And that’s a red light, like your engine red light coming on that tells you, you certainly have a potential problem here. There’s not enough circulating calcium. The muscles are telling you that, and you need to get that calcium in there. You need to get the vitamin D transporting that calcium to the bloodstream, because if you don’t, you’re a wide open door for a virus attack. You see how that works. So, if you want to minimize, if you want to boost your immune system, and you want to not have to lower your risk for virus infections or bacterial infections for that matter, then you want to take these simple steps to be able to have an active immune system via your immune killer cells.

Well, that’s all great information. And obviously, if people have more questions, they can either come in and make an appointment at Winner Wellness with you Jeanne to go over and do the testing to see what they can do and what other type of supplements and things other than diet that would help them improve their immune system. So, this is very-

Oh, definitely.

Very valuable information for this concern that the whole world is about the coronavirus. And of course, it looks to me that any virus, like flu viruses are dangerous and should be dealt with. So, anything you can do to improve your immune system, we know that you guys at Winner Wellness have the solutions and answers to this problem. So, be sure to check out And Jeanne, I look forward to our next podcast.

That sounds great, Mike, see you then.