Bulging Disc North Georgia

Bulging discs can be very painful at best…..devastating at their worst.
Most every patient we see with a bulging disc is told that sooner or later they are going to have to have surgery. That is the only way they can be corrected. We have had patient after patient who
had bulging discs and got long term relief with out surgery. This is just one of many happy patients who wanted to tell his story.

The reason a disc is bulging is because the supporting tissue, the muscles tendons and ligaments
have been damaged and are no longer supporting a stressed area. If and when you strengthen these tissue the pressure comes off the disc, the nerves are no longer pinched and the pain is gone.
Done properly these corrections last for years and the more your are engaged in your wellness, these corrections can last even longer.

We have had exceptional results working with these problems. Taking away the pain feels wonderful, but strengthening the muscles and correcting the reason why the bulge happened in the first place is the ‘ideal’.
If you or anyone you know is suffering from a bulging disc have them call Winner Wellness Center and make an appointment. Knowledge is a wonderful thing.

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