Back Pain & Sciatic North Georgia


Sciatica and the Lower Back Pain that cause it are not something that you have to live with, if you know where to go. North Georgia Chiropractor-Kinesiologist has had phenomenal success working with the nerves and muscles that cause this problem to persist.
When Pam’s husband Bill had lower back pain and eventually turned into sciatica. The pain was unbelievable. When he went to the health care professional in Macon, but didn’t get any relief.
Since Pam had been to Dr Winner she knew that Kinesiology worked and suggested Bill make the drive to Gainesville, GA. If it works it will be well worth the drive.
Well after the 1st visit Bill got what he had hoped for. Relief. Pain gone. However, at the suggestion of Dr Winner who explained that if Bill was willing to return for the Strengthening Phase of Care the pain and the problem would not return. So for the next 4 weeks, twice a week, Bill returned to the office to strengthen his back. That worked too.
Here it is 15 years later and Bill still has not had the pain return. Chiropractic/Kinesiology works.

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