Auto Immune Disease North Georgia

With the increase in the rise of Auto Immune Disease in this country patients are getting increasingly frustrated with the Medical profession’s inability to address this disease, let alone correct it. Judy has been sick all her life. She did not know what it was like to feel good because she was in pain all the time. It had gotten to the point of just survival. No one knew the answers and no one seemed or wanted to help me.
On a whim her and her husband decided to step outside the box of the traditional medical model and try a natural approach. The staff at the Winner Wellness Center sat down with Judy and her husband and explained that her body was a self healer and it was trying to do it’s job. However, for some time now her body had some restrictions and just could not realign itself. Dr. Winner explained that my body needed support. He talked about Kinesiology, a system of combined disciplines that strengthens and balances muscles, tendons and ligaments. We talked about diet and nutrition and life style. He taught me about the interactions of my muscles and organs and how a wholistic approach gets my body back on tract. His approach made sense Once Jeanne and Dr, Winner identified the problem they made a plan that they felt would work.
Immediately the changes began to happen. The pain diminished and she could begin to eat more than 4 foods. Every thing began to improve. She now understands what a normal life feels like. More than that her hopes of a healthy future are now realized. She has her life back.
Judy did this video for you because she wanted to share her success with those of you who have or have had constant pain in every joint in her body. She didn’t know what to call it (Auto Immune) but she knew she couldn’t live a life like this. These conditions are very painful, limit your life and causes a lot of emotional distress for you and everyone else. She hoped she don’t have to live this way the rest of her life. There is hope for you and you can have success. You can call Dr. Winner @ 770-536-6600 or go on line at and make an appointment.
If this is the condition that you or someone you know is in, Please call these people. Get into this clinic. They will change your life forever!