Auto Accidents, Whiplash & Pain, North GA

North Georgia Doctor helps a patient who received neck and back injuries in a auto accident. He explains that just after accident he felt fine, but then 3 days later the pains started. At that 1st visit Scott didn’t even realize how many pains he was now experiencing until he started to feel better.
This happens to a lot of whiplash patients. Sometimes you feel pains immediately following a car
accident. Other times it is days weeks and even months later. It depends how well your body is able to hold off the pains.

After talking with Dr. Winner Scott learned more about the whole body concept. He began to understand that damage to one area of your body can affect other areas as well and they usually do.
After relieving the pressure off his neck Dr. Winner realigned the muscles, tendons and ligaments and nerves to support the positive changes that Scott was now experiencing, so that these problems don’t ever return from this incident.
If you or someone you know is experiencing whiplash or a automobile accident call the Winner Wellness Center. i know you will be please with the results.

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