Energized Health, North GA


Learn more about energized health and how that ties into our mission here at the Winner Wellness Center! Dr. Jack F. Winner explains the working concepts behind Nerve Supply, Meridian Flows, Muscle Strengthening, and Chi, and how these affect your body everyday. Remember, your body is energy; the better that energy flows through your system, the healthier you are!

Energetic Medicine Explained


Dr. Winner explains the technique and system he is using to determine and correct dysfunction and dis-ease in your body. This system as unorthodox as it seems is really very well organized and consistent. He is using a Muscle Testing system to determine weakness and strengths in your body. Then he is following organs that are showing deficiencies in normal energy flow. From those weakened organs he us using energetic pathways called Meridians to find the ‘Blocked Energy’ or ‘Chi’. As he follows that Chi he is finding those blocked areas and opening the pathways. This, in turn, gives your body the increase use of your vital energy to heal and regenerate all aspects of you.

As out of the box as this Energetic Medicine might seem to you, get ready for more and more of this type of system to find it’s way into main stream health care. Remember we live in a sea of energy and you are energy. Restrict it and your health will begin to spiral down. Enhance it and you become healthier and more vital.

You have the power. Manage it as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

Depression & Anxiety North GA


Cynthia, had been suffering from mood swings, depression and anxiety for years. These dramatic swings made her withdrawal from her family. She knew something wasn’t right, but didn’t know where to turn to.  She felt it was a hormonal imbalance, but no one could help her. She knew she had to get outside the traditional medical model. She knew somebody could help, but who?

Then she took a chance and went to the Winner Wellness Center. She felt she needed a wholistic approach. It began to work almost immediately. Two things happened. First she became calmer, more relaxed and happier. Far beyond that now she began handling situations in a positive proactive manner. Not going back into that ‘rabbit hole’. but taking old disrupts and making them workable solutions in her life.

She now is making her life work the way she wants it. By the way, all without the use of drugs or medication.

Cynthia, shared her story, so that others who have lived this nightmare can have the chance of living the happy fulfilling life she is now enjoying.

Leg Pain Gone North GA


Kurt, had pain running down his right leg. Then as we looked deeper into the cause of his pain there was more there that he didn’t realize. After Dr. Winner did a complete examination,, Kurt found other problems he had been living with. Like hand weakness, loss of a strong up right posture. Then he began to realize what he thought was just getting old was actually decreased nerve supply, blood flow and muscle weakness.

Now he has reclaimed his energy, his range of motion, his muscle strength and his ability to sleep through the night.

Today he is hooked on feeling good.  No, I mean really GOOD!

Who knows maybe this is your opportunity to make the change that Kurt did.

Frozen Shoulder & Depression, North GA


Bonnie was tired of trying to go the traditional medical with out getting the success she had hoped for. Her shoulder was still restricted, almost frozen. For a year she felt she was just pushed through the system. For 36 visits she still wasn’t getting results. Now it was affecting the rest of her body and her ability and desire to be with her family. In fact, it was getting depressing. She knew she had to try something else.

Since she had heard good things about the Winner Wellness Center she thought she would give it a try. Beyond that she liked the idea of the whole body wellness concept.

Well it didn’t take long. After the 1st visit she began to see changes. Better movement and less pain. Her posture began to improve. Then the depression just began to melt away. In the Winner Wellness Center she liked how she was treated as a person. And, most of all, she liked that she got her life back, again.

Veteran’s Low Back North, GA

Gerald has had back pain for years. He thought after the surgery the pain would go away and that would be the end of it. His medical doctor said, ‘there was no alternative but surgery.’ So, he took the doctors advice and did the surgery. Sadly , like the doctor said, ‘the back surgery will not solve the problem forever, the pain will come back’. The doctor was right. The pain did come back. ‘

So he was right back to where he was when his back was hurting before the surgery.’ He knew he had to step outside the box and try some alternative health care approach. Fortunately so did the VA (Veterans Administration). They recommended Dr Winner at the Winner Wellness Center.

The results were immediate. After the 1st visit Gerald got relief. Beyond that, Gerald’s whole demeanor began and continued to improved. He felt good again. He got his life back again. He regained his faith and hope that he could get better and have future that could be pain free.

He shared his story with the hopes that others with sever back pains could be spared the pain and loss of quality living like he did. If you can relate to his journey and would be willing to step outside the traditional medical model of care, call Dr. Winner in Gainesville, GA.

Neck & Back Pain Gone, North GA

Drue had tried other chiropractic approaches, but felt he didn’t get the long term result he had hoped for. So he stepped outside the orthodox box of traditional chiropractic and medical care to try the Wellness approach.

Within weeks he got what he felt was possible. Results! His back and neck pain were gone and did not return. Now he was sleeping better and his attitude and demeanor were back to the the upbeat and positive husband, father and friend that he had always been.

Beyond that Drue has regained that youthful enthusiasm he had back in his 20’s. .

Parkinson’s Dis Hope North, GA

Betty was told she had Parkinson’s Disease 15 years ago. That is when she began taking the medication the doctors prescribed. The first time I saw her she was very shaky and was unable to walk without help. When she did walk, she was unable to step over a threshold or a curb in the road. She would either find some way of going around it or just stop.

Her and her husband knew they had to try something different. What she was doing, ‘just wasn’t working’. They has to try a different approach. They wanted to see if they could get her off the drugs and try a natural approach. She wasn’t sleeping and or eating and her system was just breaking down. Her and her husband knew they had to try something different. What she was doing, ‘just wasn’t working’.

Then 5 weeks ago she came into our office in a wheel chair and in pretty rough shape. Right away we got her to sleep through the night. Then we worked on her broken pelvis. That is why she wasn’t walking. This video is week 6. She can now walk without assistance.

Now, she says, ‘she wants to dance’. What remains to be done is correct a hair fracture in her left arm, get her weight back up and get her to begin some exercises. It all takes some time, but Better now has the hope that it is possible. She wanted to share her story because we find many people with Parkinson’s have lost hope. If you would like to regain that hope, call or make an appointment a the Winner Wellness Center in Gainesville, GA