Ankle Sprain & Joint Pain, North GA

Ansley, had lower back pain, and ankle sprain, joint pain and headaches, to name a few. Then after she realized there was help for these symptoms, she added sinuses, stress, breathing difficulties, negative postural changes, and lower energy e conditions are a thing of the past. She felt sure there was a natural way to correct her conditions, but she just hadn’t found the right practitioner, yet. Then after hearing about how Dr. Winner had help some family and friends of hers she decided to get it a try. Dr. Winner explained that he was a Kinesiology practitioner. It was like Chiropractic on steroids’ He used acupuncture, a Cold LASER, Emotional Stress Release and talked about diet and nutrition. That all make sense to me, but how would it work on my body. . Well I found out on that first visit. What a change. I actually felt noticeably better right from the beginning. Today I am not only pain free, I am on my way to being drug free.

Too Many Medications, North GA

Don was on 10 or 11 medications. Over the years he knew the medications all had side effect, but the doctors just keep giving them to him because he was still in pain. On disability because of a back injury that pain plus other complications and added medications just added to his body breaking down. He didn’t want the pain or the medication, but didn’t know where to turn next. Finally his daughter urged (pushed) him to try another approach. Mainly Chiropractic/Kinesiology. He notice changes the 1st visit. He began to sleep at night, so his energy began to improve. With more rest and less pain, he began to get active again. Doing the things he loved and beginning to enjoy life again. Today Don is down to 2 medications and it looks like he can get his doctors approval to come off those in time. Life is good again and getting better. Don was willing to tell his story because he wanted to give you the same hope his daughter gave his not so long again. If he can you can.

Too Many Surgeries, North GA

Angela, had had multiple surgeries. Sinus surgery, a hysterectomy, gall bladder surgery and kidney surgery. She was still just as sick and getting sicker. Now she had difficulty walking, all her joints hurt, she had back pain, neck pain and headaches. And the doctors wanted to do more surgeries, hoping that this next surgery might solve her problems. Finally she said, ‘that is enough’. There has got to be a better way. That is when she turned to natural care and the Winner Wellness Center. On that 1st visit Dr. Winner explained ‘why’ she was in so much pain and where the cause may be. and how he could help her. She said, ‘for the 1st time, ‘that made sense’. and she had hope. From that first treatment a good amount of the pain was gone. Gone! Then she began to move easier and sleep again. What we notice is the smiles came back and she had life back in her eyes again. If you were to see how much improvement Angela had in 3 weeks you would be amazed. She shared her story because she wanted to let you know what was possible if you are willing to step outside the medical model and realize that ‘your body is a Self Healer’. Doing the right procedure in the right way can work miracles .

Stress Unchecked Causes Pain, North GA

Ansley was in pain in her back and shoulders, but wasn’t sure why. She didn’t to anything that she knew of to cause these problems. She wanted some answers. After doing an examination Dr. Winner found some structural problems that were causing her symptoms. Then from her history and understanding she was a school teacher he realized she was probably under a lot of emotional stress. He was right. So once some of the structural problems were addressed and much of her pain was reduced, he addressed her stress. Ansley was open and willing to talk about what she was dealing with, so though an Emotional Stress Release approach we began to eliminate her stressors. Then Dr. Winner taught her how to do the procedure so she could do it on her own at home. When asked what she would like to say about her experience at the Winner Wellness Center, she laughed and said, she kept rescheduling new appointments because she always felt so good when she left the office. I know she would want to encourage you to come in if your life and health is not what you know it could be. Dr. Winner and his staff are so easy to work with.

What is North Georgia Healthcare?

Jack Winner
Today I’d like to introduce you to this new concept. When we talk about health and healthcare, polite explain to you, as many people don’t understand what actually natural health care really is all about. Basically, understanding natural healthcare is allowing the body to heal itself, doing it in a natural way without using drugs or surgery. But I want to walk you through a day in office with a new patient and get some understanding at first day what that would feel like. First of all, here’s how this happens. A patient comes in. So the first thing I asked him, What is the first thing they want to do with the most prominent condition, that could be a back pain, migraine headache, or shoulder pain and knee pain. So we’re going to start with that process first. Or as we begin to talk, and this almost invariably happens, there’s more things going on than that. And oftentimes, when you have a prominent condition, it covers up things underneath could be depression, and the ability to sleep. And most people really were not sleeping without some kind of medication. Also, it could be just a call over or tired all the time. So when those conditions are prevalent, most often people don’t realize that they’re going on, they just live with them. So what I usually hear from them as well, I’ve tried drugs, or some kind of surgery procedure, and then help for a little while. But the problem came back. Or, or here, I’m still taking the same drug medication and taking it for a couple weeks, a couple months, and sometimes taking it for a couple years. But the problems still persist. They also say I didn’t want to quit the drugs because I was concerned about the side effects. Or Oh, here, I don’t like taking the drugs, because I know they have side effects. But I didn’t know what else to do, because my problem is still going on. So I asked them, Why did they come to the office, or to Doctor of Chiropractic or a kinesiologist. What I usually almost always hear is that I want to try a natural approach in so many of your videos. And I know some of those people have come here and gotten market results. So I want to try without drugs and medication to see if we can solve my problem. So when asked them, have you ever been to chiropractic for about a third of them say yes, they had with varying results. Then ask them if they’ve ever been to a kinesiologist before or if they even knew what that was. majority of the time people say no, I have no idea what that’s about. So that’s what I began to explain what can you see ology is all about what it is it’s chiropractic on steroids. What we’ll do is begin to take the basic chiropractors perspective, and add to that acupressure, cold laser muscle strengthening muscle testing. So we’re adding a lot of things to the basic carpet perspective. Because chiropractic works taking pressure off nerves phenomenal. But adding kinesiology to it takes it to the next higher level. Our basic understanding is your body is the self healer. Our job is not to heal you. Our job is to help the body do what’s already designed to do. And we can find that restriction or limitation your body body has the opportunity now to begin to help us. Remember, your body is working for you 24 seven, trying to solve its own problem through our time with us to help you buy new it’s already inherently designed to do open up pathways create opportunities for the body to solve its own problem. So if many people aren’t agreement, maybe you are as well that your body is a self healer, we have something now that can happen because your body’s ready for this to happen. So that is when I begin to see a lot of patients perk up when they realize and they have agreement with the body being a self healer. Many people know that I think most of you all do. And so the fact that divine is trying to heal itself is not a challenge for us to understand. It’s our challenge to find out where it’s being blocked and limited. This is where it’s Can you say ology is such a help? Because what kinesiology by the way I want to spell that word. kinesiology. k i NSIOLOGY kinesiology. What kinesiology means is a study of movement. When it can easily ologists does. It takes all different techniques like acupressure, cold laser, emotional release, technique, nutrition, structural imbalances, muscle testing, and puts all these disciplines together to incorporate into your system to help the body do its job well. We’re always trying to find out where is the body stuck, work in the body, not solve its own problem. Identify correct and clear.

Jack Winner
Our first order of business is to find out where you have pinched nerves. This is easily done when we look at your bodies symmetry  If you consider yourself right now, as you’re saying you’re standing here, look at your shoulders or your head. Are you showing even or is one dropped one higher than the other? How about your head your head straight or is it turned or tilted one side or another? How about your hips? Are you standing there straight is a foot turned out or turned in more weight on one leg than the other These are all symmetrical changes that your body has adapted to, to try to make things work for you. Pretty smart body. But if we find that you have these changes in symmetry, it tells us that’s a place we want to go. What you avoiding is usually what the problem is. And this we want to go to. So the first thing we do with you in kinesiology is take pressure off that nerve supply. Now beyond that point, we not want to get pressure often or spy want to keep it off. What do you mean, we don’t want to keep doing the same process over and over and over again and adjusting, we want to find out what muscles support, we have to have to get the muscle to hold that bone in place. We do that by using acupressure. And by using a cold laser, if we can balance these muscles out, now we got the bone back in place, pressure off that nerve supply. And the muscles can now hold that bone into position as you move back and forth through your day. Now putting pressure back on the nerve, the nerve now is free and clear. Most often that point that’s when you get pain relief. Now beyond that, we’re gonna begin to look at other aspects of your life who can help or hurt not getting being taken care of. That’s when we look at diet, or other structural things that you’re doing, or your emotional stress, all play. Because we have the tools and the knowledge to solve these problems. We now give you other possibilities of where we can go here to make a permanent  correction. So this problem doesn’t continue to return. for 37 years now I’ve had a chance to work with thousands of patients with all kinds of conditions. Our ability to help them is because we understood the devout is a self healer. And if there’s a reason for the problem, there’s a cause we can find that cause and correct that cause the body in its wisdom wants to go back to a normal state. So if I’m talking with you and you have a point in time, they say I have some conditions I’m tired of living with and I want to make a change. I asked you and urge you to call our office at 770536 6600 or go online to winter Wellness Center. Winter wellness, calm and leave a message or make an appointment. I look forward to helping you. The consultation is free. We’re gonna see if we can help you. I can help you I’ll tell you that. If I can’t, I’ll give you some direction on what you can do to make your system come back to its natural state of function. I look forward to helping you. I hope for you today health in a healthy future. Make the call

Aging Process in North Georgia and Gainesville

Like to talk to you today about a process that you’re going to go through, every one of us is going to go through, it’s called the aging process. And whether you like it or not, you are going to go through that process. And there comes a point in time, when you buy is now going to function like it did years past. So if you were beginning to age, and you are By the way, and not liking the process, I’m I have some great news for you. I’m Dr. JACK winner, my wife, Jenny and I are now in our 72nd year of our life, and we’re beginning to find our golden years are really pretty golden. However, we’re not finding that out with a lot of people, not only patients who are getting older, we’re actually find out what patients actually in the 50s and 60s as well. So want to talk about the complaints we’re seeing now, more than we’ve seen in the years past, and see if any of these complaints are you. First of all, many people are finding they don’t sleep well. Or they have to get up during the night once or twice or three times to go to the bathroom. It’s cause they, when they wake up in the morning, they’re still tired because they didn’t sleep well, the night before. We’re seeing a lot of digestive issues, also aches and pains, not only in just joints, but actually all over there want to see new changes, from moody to sometimes into depression. And for sure, we’re also seeing focus and memory problems and concentration problems become epidemic over time, then we’re seeing postural changes. And this is easy to look around. And see as people get older, we see slumped shoulders, we see people bent forward, and we see this hump in the back of the neck. And what most people are being told is, yeah, that’s part of the aging process. Well, that’s true to some degree. But it doesn’t have to be as bad and severe as what we’re seeing out there. There’s just too many breakdowns. And they’re happening actually too early in life for people as well. And also beyond that point, we’re not only seeing just one condition, or two or three, we’re seeing a lot of conditions, especially as they come along the way. We’re seeing people’s as actually as your life is going along. But now because of they’re having these breakdowns, they’re starting to take medications. 20 years ago, somebody had one medication that was pretty unusual. Here it is 20 years later, now there’s taken not just one, or maybe two medications, we’re taking three or more factor telling us some people have taken up to 15 different medications. What’s sad about that is those people know those medications aren’t really helping their health long term. They’re just getting out of symptoms short term. And they’re actually heading toward more breakdowns because they knows that medications have side effects. So what’s happening as many people actually health is spiraling down, it’s not getting better. So is if this is you, you can stop and look at these breakdowns, and you still have a chance to help them to stop them and actually reverse the trends. for 37 years now I’ve had the opportunity to bring people to a better state of health to a higher degree of vitality, and doing it in a natural way. And now with drugs or more more like more medications, but with natural methods. Those methods include kinesiology, chiropractic, acupressure, cold laser, exceptional nutrients, nutritional support, and also talking in showing them how to use diet properly to help support this system. And one of the biggest process along the way is having to readjust their negative thinking to positive thinking. So if I’m talking to you, now is the time to stop, stop the strain on your system and get the corrections you need to get the life that you came to here to joy to make happy. And if you don’t make we also find out by the way, if you don’t make those corrections soon, they just get worse. And I don’t think that’s really what you want is it remember, your body is a natural healer, it wants to get better. So if I’m talking to you in this makes sense to you and you realize your body has a capability of getting healthy and getting better. Call me let’s talk My phone number is 770536 6600 or email me at winter the conversation in the consultation is free. If I can help you I’ll tell you that. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you what to think give you the advice you need to get your life back on track. You deserve it your value. So hope you value yourself enough and your life in the life you have left enjoy with your grandkids with the travels you want to do with your significant other or just a fact you want to wake up the morning with vitality and enjoy the day. Value yourself enough value the life you have left. Make the call

I hope for you good health and healthy future

Do Your Joints Crack Here in North Georgia and Gainesville Georgia?

Up in North of Toronto, Canada, I have a sister who is a remarkable polities instructor. For years for tribe has been following her faithfully during their exercise routines, as she’s instructed in love the routines as well as their love their motivated instructor. But over the years, some of the participants have noticed not only visual change in the body, but audible changes as well, like cracking sound in the joints is an exercise. So my sister asked me, what and why did these things happen? Why is it cracking? Why is it popping going on? So I want to have you get the opportunity to understand why that’s happening. First of all, like you understand your body has internal wisdom, and that, in other words, it knows what it’s doing, it’s doing its job 24 seven for you.

It knows when something’s wrong, something with a system does not function properly, you can now begin to look at the opportunity to make changes, which it does automatically.

But the best way for you by to alert you there’s a problem is by pain, or by dysfunction. If you have pain, hopefully you stop. If you stop the bubble attempt to re correct itself.

If you don’t stop, the body has to make a shift change as to do something support that problem.

If the pain goes away, then you go back to your happy life.

But if the pain doesn’t go away, by now we’re alert to make a shift or change that new shift or change what we call a dysfunction. What I mean by that is you’ll see as you walk or as you move, it’s not quite the same as it was when everything was function. Normally, the body will make an adaption. Like for example, if you hurt your shoulder, you begin to make movements different change where you show that you have pain, like picking up a basket or reaching the backseat to pick up your purse or pick up a package. If you can’t do it, normally you do an abnormally you adapt to that. Your body is always doing that.

In the short term, this is good. You want to be able to use your arm long term. No, it’s not so good.

The reason for that is in the long term, if you continue to do that it starts stressing out the body, other portions of it not just to the area where you had the problem. But the person now have to adapt to the problem. Because the body can do it. The way it’s designed to. It begins to break down. We call this breakdown. This ease is not easy anymore. It’s a disease.

But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a solution. I’m not talking more drugs, or medications or surgery procedures. I’m talking about the law allowing the body to heal itself.

Hello, I’m Dr. JACK winter, for 37 years, I’ve had the opportunity to help a lot of people stop this breakdown and put them back on the road now just to recovery, but their full range of motion, joint movement without pain, and that balance and vitality that they once had, and want to go back to again.

At first, they didn’t think and most people don’t think that’s possible. I’m here to tell you, it’s not even possible. It’s probable it’s real.

It’s real for you, by the way, not just for somebody else as well.

What I do urge you to call me my office number is 770536 6600 or go to Window Wellness Center, winter

So as you do that will make an appointment for you to have a consultation to discovery time we’re gonna find out why your system doing is doing, where the problems exist, and how we can correct that problem. When we identify the cause your problem, then we’ll give you a treatment plan, how we’re going to take this process to the end and we will take you back to that state of health. You can now live with without pain without medications and certainly without surgery procedures.

Make the call I love to hear from you. I’d love to have this conversation. See how we can help you. Let’s get started.

I wish you good health and healthy future

Panic Attacks & Anxiety North GA

For more than 7 years Angula has been plagued with anxiety and fear. She had gotten to the point that she didn’t want to meet anyone or go out away from home and family. Add to that she had such bad nightmares she was afraid to go to bed. She just couldn’t stop the Mind Chatter. Oh and the 20 something drugs she was taking were only covering up the problems. She wanted to stop this repeating cycle and get to the cause of her problems.

Her Pastor stepped in and gave her the direction she needed. He suggested she try the Winner Wellness Center which used an advanced Chiropractic method called Kinesiology,
which addressed the whole body. Their approach is to see the body as a whole, physically-nutritionally-emotionally. Since she trusted her Pastor she was willing to give this new technique a try.

The process was easy , but the results were amazing. Within the first 2 visits she saw and felt the difference. The kidney pain and the pain around her gallbladder reduced dramatically.
Then she began to sleep. Not just the 3 hours she had been having the last 7 years. 8 hours now and WITH OUT DRUGS. Her head was clear and she was smiling again with her kids and family. She got her life back and now has a great future, who knows maybe drug free.

If you can empathize with Angula and suffer these same conditions, call us or go on line.
Like Angula said, ‘You and your family deserve better.’

7 Years of Migraines North GA

Don has had sever Migraine Headaches that have not let off for 7 Years. The medical doctors thought it was due to a protruding disc in his neck. So they did a neck surgery and put in two metal cages. However, that did not solve his Migraine Headaches. Then they thought the Migraines were due to a lower back disc problem. So they did a lower back surgery and put in two metal rods. However, that didn’t solve his headaches, either. So they just let him go realizing he was just going to have to live with the problem.

Finally Don decided to go outside the traditional medical model box and try something different. Since his daughter had been trying to push him in a different direction,, he decided to try Kinesiology. The Kinesiologist, Dr. Winner explained to Don what the problem was and how he was going to use a combination of Chiropractic, Acupressure, Cold LASER, Emotional Release and Nutrition to get to the cause of his Migraines.

By the 4th visit, Don knew was at the right place. The pain had began to go away and his life was beginning to turn around. Now after a year he is living a happy joyful life.

When asked what he would tell others about his experience at the Winner Wellness Center,
he says, Just give it a try. You will notice the difference by the second week.

Heart Palpations & High Blood Press, North GA

Pam had been thru it. Heart palpations, High Blood Pressure, Night mares, High Anxiety.
and then Side Effects from the Medications she was given. It all added up to a very life alternating situation. She had gotten to the point she didn’t know where to turn to next.

Then she remembered the success she had had at the Winner Wellness Center in Gainesville, Ga. They are a Wellness Center that specializes in Structural, Nutritional and Emotional correction for many and most ailments. So she called and made an appointment.

Right from the beginning thru the process of Kinesiology and muscle testing we identified Pam’s problem. With some structural correction, nutritional support and use of our exclusive Emotional Release Procedure we were able to make the right corrections.

In a very short time Pam has been able to make a complete turnaround. She is Free of that High Anxiety, Heart Palpations, High Blood Pressure, Nightmares and off her medication as her and her doctor discussed. Needless to say, Pam got her life back. Much more than that she know now how to deal with those situations that might have brought on these conditions in the past. She is not only pain free, she is worry free.

If Pam’s story speaks to you and you have had enough call our office at 770-536-6600 or go on line to and let’s change your life.